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For Americans Only

Americans vote here! What would your ideal president be like?
What type of education does your ideal President have?
Doctorate degree (Ph.D)
Master of Arts (MA)
Bachelor of Arts (BA) but no graduate degree
Law degree (JD, LLM, etc.)
Business (MBA), medical (MD), or other professional degree
Bachelor of Science (BS) but no graduate degree
Master of Science (MS)
Associate's degree or high school graduate only
What occupation did your ideal President hold prior to becoming president? (Other public office positions, such as Senator, Governor, etc. don't count.)
Professor or other education worker
Health professional but not a doctor
Doctor, dentist, or vet
Engineer, scientist, or information technology worker
Is your ideal President involved with one of the secret societies? If yes, which ones?
No, he or she is not involved with any secret society.
Council on Foreign Relations
Freemasons or any masonic group
Skull and Bones
Trilateral Commission
Bohemian Club
What type of college did he or she go to?
Liberal arts college (i.e. Williams, Amherst, Swarthmore)
Large, well-known university (i.e. Yale or Harvard)
Service academy (i.e. West Point)
Specialized school (i.e. Cooper Union, Rose-Hulman, Juilliard)
This poll was created on 2011-02-13 22:16:12 by Loney