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The Roblox awesomeness poll

Testing your awesomeness!
A is an evil Robloxian, often found in the form of a . Post your answers to the message board!)
When you make a place, you begin by...
Write up a script to password-protect your construction site.
Start getting bricks and building a workshop where you will build everything else in the game.
Build the main piece of your place.
Check for new free models- they are your primary source.
How do you describe a Noob? (Plz post to message board!)
Your Robloxian hero is . Plz post to message board)
Darwin12 is famous for owning what?
Roblox itself- Darwin is a robot player
A failing fast-food scripting group, famous for inventing the Robloxian cheezburger
the RSA- the largest space group ever on Roblox
Revolution of Robloxia- a newer group famous for nothing
How many of these ideas have you tried making into a place?
Station of any kind
Convention Center
Any reenactment from any film or TV show
A TV or film studio
A talk or game show
Store of any kind
Robloxaville(TM) or any other similar place
A war between Roblox and... (Club Penguin, Blockland, Minecraft, etc.)
A Group HQ
Movie Cinema
A Minecraft, Club Penguin, Blockland, ETC. simulator
An entirely scripted flash-style game
A Hogwarts or Half-Blood Hill
A Test of new Robloxian Tech
Call Of Duty Black ops or Modern Warfare, etc.
Did you succeed in any one? (plz post to message Board)
How long have you been on Roblox?
Since the beginning.
I'm not on Roblox, I'm just takin' the quiz.
Last question for now, If you get famous n Roblox, you would see yourself . PLZ post to message board!
This poll was created on 2011-03-20 17:44:22 by superdude225