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What do you think of Russians?

From the Russians you have known, do you like them?
Some, but not all.
None of them!!
The Jewish Russians are very nice.
All the Russians I've met are wonderful.
Where are you from?
Russia! And proud of it!!
Russia, I do not like my country, I am not Jewish.
Russia, I do not like my country, I am Jewish.
Other European country.
North America
South America
If you are Russian, do you like Joseph Stalin?
Yes! Communism is the way to go!
Nooo way!!!
If you are Russian, are you a fan of Vladimir Putin?
Yes, he was a wonderful man.
No, he was bad for Russia.
What are your thoughts of Anna Pavlova?
She represented Russia well!
I do not like her.
If you lived in Soviet Union, do you prefer life then?
Yes, I love communism!!
No way, life was very unfair.
This poll was created on 2011-08-03 23:08:02 by kocham mój kot