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Which Yaoi Couples do You Like?

choose as many as you want from the list below. couples from movies, anime/manga, and other things.
What couples do you like?
Carl x Dracula (Van Helsing)
Castiel x Dean (Supernatural)
Ambrosius x Toby (Dante's Cove)
Anakin x Luke (Star Wars)
Bobby x Dean (Supernatural)
Clarke x Luther (Smallville)
Prof. Oak x Ash (Pokemon)
Ambrosius x Kevin (Dante's Cove)
Arthur x Merlin (Merlin)
Will x Kurt (Glee)
Danny x Vlad (Danny Phantom)
Batman x Joker (Batman: Any Series)
Crowley x Sam (Supernatural)
Darren x Larten (Cirque Du Freak)
Bobby x Sam (Supernatural)
Valken x Dracula (Van Helsing)
Danny x Dan (Danny Phantom)
Death x Dean (Supernatural)
John x Brian (Breakfast Club)
Colin x Eric (The Lair)
Larten x Evra (Cirque Du Freak)
Evra x Darren (Cirque Du Freak)
Shaggy x Fred (Scooby Doo)
Bill x Sam (True Blood)
Robin x Joker (Batman: Any Series)
Ash x Brock (Pokemon)
Will x Sam (Glee)
Kurt x Blaine (Glee)
Andrew x Brian (Breakfast Club)
Carl x Gabriel (Van Helsing)
Vlad x Plasmius (Danny Phantom)
Castiel x Sam (Supernatural)
Prof. Oak x Gary (Pokemon)
Ash x Brock x Gary (Pokemon)
Ash x Gary (Pokemon)
Batman x Robin (Batman: Any Series)
Valken x Gabriel (Van Helsing)
Dracula x Gabriel (Van Helsing)
Dean x Sam (Supernatural)
Crowley x Dean (Supernatural)
Brian x Justin (Queer As Folk)
Puck x Kurt (Glee)
Ash x Brock x Mew Two (Pokemon)
Will x Puck (Glee)
Luke x Darth Vader (Star Wars)
Beast Boy x Robin (Teen Titans)
Danny x Plasmius (Danny Phantom)
Dick x Brian (Breakfast Club)
Andrew x John (Breakfast Club)
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This poll was created on 2011-09-16 19:10:42 by Carly Reynolds