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several different scenarios.
Have You Ever...
decided that no matter how long it takes you were going to continue to try and get that person you liked to like you back.
had a friend date the person you liked, even though they knew you liked that person.
felt really bad for acting the way you do when around the person you like.
been given false hope by a person you liked, to only find out that nothing would ever come of it.
been dumped for another person.
gotten jealous over another person becuase they got all or most of the attention from the person you liked.
suceeded in getting the person you liked.
felt like you were being cheated
given up on the person you liked.
Are You A...
female... you better be.
male... sorry guys but i will not count your votes.
both... ehh... fine.
This poll was created on 2011-09-21 14:01:04 by Carly Reynolds