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Tasty Toe Nails, or not?

Can't find the clippers? got some wicked long toe nails?
Have you ever bit your toe nails?
When I was a kid...
Now that I'm an adult...
Have you ever seen someone else bite their own?
Gross, No!
Oh, yeah!
I think so.
Yeah, but they denied it.
Why would you bite them?
My nails were long
I was threatened by a sibling
Toe Jam is a great source of protein
It feels good
I was hungry
I needed to chew off a bad nail polish job
It was a dare!
Nothing could make me do this
Are you able to bite them?
No, I can't get my leg up that high
No, the odor is just too much
No, my significant other would freak
Has anyone ever caught you?
No, there's nothing to catch
No, not yet
Yes, but I denied it and they let it go
Yes, they asked to help
Yes, they ridiculed me
Yes, now we are dating
Yes, they cried
This poll was created on 2001-10-29 17:49:23 by MPC888300212