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Where are You on John Huntsman?

opinion survey

Which statements reflect your views about Jon Huntsman? You may pick more than one.

37% (3) Jon Who?
25% (2) I have heard the name but I don't know what he does.
25% (2) I do not have any opinion about him.
0% (0) I think he is a respectable guy but would not make a good president.
12% (1) I think he is a liberal in disguise who is trying to pass himself off as a conservative.
0% (0) I think he is very conservative but has a hard time showing it.
0% (0) I think he just wants the Republican nominee to choose him as Secretery of State.
12% (1) I think he will run as an Independent.
25% (2) I think he is very possibly the best candidate in the field.
0% (0) I am mistrustful of all the time he spent in China and his ability to speak Chinese.
37% (3) I think his experience with China makes him the best person to make us economically competitive.
37% (3) I like him better than Mitt Romney.
37% (3) I think that he is the only respectable, sane guy in the race.
0% (0) I think he will fizzle out right after New Hampshire.
12% (1) I wish I knew more about him.
0% (0) I think he is just another establishment guy.
0% (0) I think he is the most unique guy in the race.
12% (1) I want to know much more about him before I form an opinion.
0% (0) I think that he talks down to everyone and sounds too much like a diplomat.
37% (3) I think he is sincere.
0% (0) I think he is a phony.
25% (2) I think he has a superior command of foreign affairs.
25% (2) I think that he wants to do things that will improve my personal economic situation.

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This poll was created on 2011-12-07 15:53:05 by pollster89
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