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Presidential Election Timing

opinion poll

What best describes your opinion about the fact that polls open earlier on the East Coast and polls close later on the West Coast

31% (9) I don't think it makes any difference, people get to vote for the person that they want.
34% (10) I think that there is a chance that people on the West Coast are influenced by early returns from the East Coast.
3% (1) I think that people on the West Coast tend to vote for the guy that is winning on the East Coast.
6% (2) I think that people on the West Coast are more likely to vote for their canidate if that candidate is NOT winning on the east coast.
24% (7) I think that the media is so biased in their early reporting, that peoples' votes on the West Coast voting barely even count any more.

29 voters have answered this question.

What do you think should be done about the difference in polling times? Pick all that apply.

35% (10) Nothing, the system works.
7% (2) Nothing, and I am offended that you think people cast their votes based on what is happening in another state.
17% (5) Polling should be timed in a way that accounts for time zones, so that all polls open and close at the exact same moment across the country.
25% (7) If we try to synchronize polls as described above, it will discriminate against people who work certain hours by limiting their chances to vote.
21% (6) All exit polling should be banned.
25% (7) It should be illegal for the media to report any returns until the day after the election.
28% (8) We should go to a completely electronic system that only counts votes the day after the election, and all exit polling and reporting should be banned.
3% (1) The West Coast should get to vote the day before the East Coast for a change.

28 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2011-12-07 16:21:31 by pollster89
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