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The Virginia Pledge

Your thoughts on the Virginia Republican Pledge?
The Virginia Republican Party (GOP), with the approval of the State of Virginia, will now require anyone voting in the Republican primary (March 6) to sign a pledge saying that they will vote for the Republican nominee in the November elections. In Virginia, anyone can vote in the Republican primary, regardless of their party. Have you heard about this pledge?
What is your first impression when hearing about this pledge?
Good idea
Bad idea
Why do you think that this decision was made? Check all that apply.
The Virginia GOP are control freaks
National GOP rules require it
They are afraid of one of the Republican candidates running as an Independent
Because they are afraid Democrats will vote in the state Republican primary and mess with the outcome
Because too few Republican candidates will be on the state's primary ballot
Do you think the Virginia GOP really believes that primary voters will keep the pledge?
Why do you think that they waited until now to make this decision? They have not always implemented this rule in the past.
They have heard rumors that non-Republicans will mess with the primary
They are afraid of rumors that Ron Paul will be running as an Independent
They just finished verifying who will be on the ballot and they do not like the results
They are jealous of all the current attention that Iowa and New Hampshire are getting
What do you think Virginia primary voters will be thinking when they sign the pledge?
Of course I will support the Republican candidate, why else would I care about the primary? Sign me up!
It is no problem to sign this pledge because I will probably support the Republican nominee anyway.
I will try to keep this pledge.
I wonder if I can keep this pledge?
This pledge is just paperwork I have to do so I can vote.
I am not sure I can keep this pledge, but I am not giving up my chance to vote.
They have got to be kidding! They can't use mind control to keep me from voting.
Do you think having to sign this pledge will deter any Republican primary voters?
Do you think having to sign this pledge will deter any Democrats who wish to vote in the primary?
Do you think having to sign this pledge will deter any Independents or other parties who wish to vote in the primary?
What is your opinion about people who sign political pledges?
They should absolutely keep their pledge once they sign their name
They should try to keep the pledge under all but the most extreme circumstances
It is okay to sign if that is how they feel at the time, but they should be open minded about new events, I won't hold them to the original pledge
Pledges are not contracts, they can sign if they want but who cares
Pledges are jokes and they should call them just what they are
Do you think that the Virginia Pledge is constitutional?
I don't know
Of all people that sign the pledge, how many do you think have a firm intention of keeping it?
Are you familiar with the Grover Norquist Pledge?
If yes, do you think congressmen have to follow through on this pledge?
Absolutely, it was a promise
I think they should try
I think they have to be willing to back off if it contributes to the greater good
I think they can do what they want, it was not a legal document
Absolutely not, Grover Norquist is just one citizen out of many, focused on just one issue out of many
Thank you for taking this poll
You're welcome
Wait, this isn't a question
This poll was created on 2011-12-29 15:28:14 by pollster89