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National Debt

This poll is over awareness and reflection over its influence in our lives. Note: all questions are required
About how many dollars in debt, is our national government in?
$1 trillion
$5 trillion
$10 trillion
$15 trillion
What is the main cause for skyrocketing national debt?
Spending on government policies
Spending on military and wars
Spending on research
On a scale of one to five, how urgent is the us financial crisis?
In which one of these areas does the national debt affect your daily life the most?
taxes and bills
social life
workplace and income
the national debt does not affect my daily life
Out of these choices, which actions should the government take to reduce the deficit and maybe go into surplus?
Raise Federal taxes
Cut funding for government programs such as medicare, social security, and veteran benefits
Cut funding for expensive federal departments such as the FDA, NASA or the CDC
Cut military funding
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