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Tax Pledge (Grover Norquist)

Grover Norquist enlists politicians to sign the "Taxpayer Protection Pledge" whereby the signer promises to oppose increases in tax rates. This poll is to collect your opinions about this pledge and its impact on the political process.
Have you heard of this pledge?
What do you think of the idea of having politicians sign this pledge?
Good idea
Bad idea
Not sure
Why do you think politicians sign this pledge?
Because of their idealogy/party beliefs
Because they think it will get them more votes
Because they are going along with the crowd
Because they think it is a good idea
Because there is no harm in signing it, it is not legally binding
To send a signal of how they to intend to vote on legislation.
To make a statement
Because they did not think it through
Because of pressure from their party to join the crowd.
This question refers to U.S. Representatives and Senators. Of all those who signed the pledge, how many do you think really intended to keep it?
Most issues do not have pledges associated with them for members of Congress to sign. Do you think that Grover Norquist picked the issue that is most important to constituents to elevate to a signed pledge?
Not Sure
If your answer was No, what issue is more worthy of having Congressmen sign pledges? Check all that apply.
Personal Liberties
Personal Character
National Security
The Economy/Jobs
No issue is worth a pledge, legislators should just stand up and vote during lawmaking sessions like they are supposed to do.
Government Spending
The Environment
Social Issues
Which answer most closely matches your opinion about this pledge?
I want my representatives in the government to sign more pledges, they are good motivators for people to behave.
I think that publicly signing their name to something is a good thing that shames the politicians into keeping their word.
It is just another way for politicians to communicate their ideas, it is no big deal.
I'm not sure it is such a good idea.
I think it is too narrow in focus, why are they signing a pledge for this issue only?
It is the work of an activist and not part of our laws or political process.
Politicians should not sign pledges, their job is to vote yes/no on laws for all to see on the record.
This pledge is more destructive than constructive.
The pledge is a joke.
The pledge is worse than a joke, it straightjackets politicians and keeps them from making good decisions when new events happen.
Do you think that politicians who signed this pledge should keep it? Pick the closest answer to your view.
Absolutely, I want them to do what they say they will do.
I think they should try to keep it as best they can.
I think they can change their mind if something catastrophic happens.
It is up to them, everyone knows it was just a political device.
They have no obligation to keep it, it was not legally binding.
It was a joke and they should just use common sense for every vote they cast on the Hill.
What do you think is the relationship between the Norquist Tax Pledge and the Debt Ceiling deal falling through?
I didn't follow that topic/don't know.
I think they are totally unrelated.
I think there is a chance they are related.
The tax pledge probably took down the deal that was on the table.
The tax pledge destroyed the deal.
If your representative signed the pledge but then later voted to raise taxes, what would you do? Please select the answer that best represents your opinion.
I would never vote for them again, they are dishonest.
I would write to them or call their office, to let them know that I noticed.
I would be disappointed, but that's politics.
I would not care, there are too many other issues to worry about.
I would forgive them, after all the pledge was not legally binding.
I would not even notice, who keeps track of one activist and their tricks?
Why do you think Grover Norquist chose this issue to turn into a written pledge?
Because he simply wants to exercise his right of free speech.
He just woke up one morning and decided to do it.
He did careful surveys of each constituency, and every single one said that raising taxes was the most important issue and they wanted politicians so sign a pledge saying they won't do it.
Because he is an egomaniac that just wants attention.
Because Ronald Reagan told him to.
Because he wondered how many politicians were stupid enough to actually sign it.
Because he thinks his way is better than the U.S. Constitution.
Because he is personally passionate about this issue.
Because he wants to feel like he is controlling something and influencing U.S. legislation from behind the scenes.
Because his whole life has been a trajectory of activism that has resulted in this particular topic being his focus.
How do you think this pledge is related to the U.S. Constitution? Please pick all that apply.
It is an example of someone using their right to free speech irresponsibly.
It does not undermine the Constitution at all, it is just a great way for politicians to signal to voters how strongly they feel about something and what their likely vote will be.
It somehow makes legislators think that they have a hedge even if they vote to increase taxes.
It is clouding the legislators responsibility to vote yes/no and confusing constituents.
It is unduly pressuring legislators' votes on the hill because they think they have to keep this pledge when they really dont.
It is undermining the U.S. Constitution.
It is a perfect example of someone exercising their right to free speech.
It is a great example of how the Consistution allows the most vigorous debates possible on a given topic which strengthens our country.
Did you learn anything in the course of taking this poll?
How important is this tax pledge in influencing the political process?
Makes no difference
Somewhat influential
Highly influential
Thank you for taking this poll!
This poll was created on 2012-01-16 22:16:35 by pollster89