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Why you choose a vacation rental over a hotel holiday?

As more and more of those travelling either at home or overseas opt to rent a holiday villa, cottage or vacation rental instead of booking a hotel or resort, we'd like your feedback on your main reasons or motivations for choosing a holiday rental over a hotel stay.
What is the main reason you would choose a vacation rental over a hotel holiday?
A wider array of facilities - such as a private pool, a fully equipped kitchen, etc - make my holiday much more enjoyable and like being at home away from home.
Privacy. I am not surrounded by other holidaymakers
The luxury of space
Value for money when travelling with friends or family
The sense of authenticity which I pefer to being an anonymous hotel "key"
I get to go local and involve myself with the local community
This poll was created on 2012-02-11 11:09:09 by Gecko Villa