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Your communion dress

This poll is for all the catholic girls out there, what kind of dress have you worn on your communion?
Did you wear a dress or has your church robes so that all kids look alike?
What color was/is your dress?
What Kind of material is it made from?
Other (please tell further down)
How long is the dress?
What kind of sleeves?
Long sleeves
Elbow length
Cap sleeves
Puffed and short
Puffed at the shoulder and then narrow to the wrist
Other (please tell further down)
What kind of neck?
Tight peter pan collar
Wide peter pan collar
High neck
Low neck
Tight high neck
How tight is the bodice?
A bit loose
Skirt part
Wide skirt
Hoop skirt
Flowing around legs
Tight like a pencil skirt
What kind of clousure has your dress?
Button back
Zipper back
Fake buttons over zipper
Functional buttons over zipper
Corset style with zipper underneath
Corset style
Front buttons (Have only seen this once)
Other (please describe further down)
Did your dress have a bow at the waist?
Yes, the tips reached up to my shoulderblades.
Yes, reached to mid back
Yes, a small one
No, didn't had a bow
If you have selected other at any question, please describe here.
Does your communion dress still fit?
Yes, like my communion was only yesterday.
Yes, but it's way to short.
Yes, but it pinches in some places.
No, sadly doesn't fit anymore
Forgot that at the beginning, how old are you?
Did you dress yourself or did somebody help you?
I dressed myself, I can zip/button down the back dresses myself.
I had help, I can't zip/button a back zip myself.
I needed help only for the bow.
Anything I forgot? Please tell me.
Will you do my other polls?
This poll was created on 2012-02-12 10:25:52 by myself30