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Sleepwear / Sleepsuit poll

In my poll to design a new Sleepsuit for me -> http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/544994 I put Essay-questions, and some of the answers intruged me. So I want to ask YOU what you think about them. Please take the Design-poll too.
1. A front zip on the hood, to close it completely
Yes, why not
Yes, so I can sleep without disturbance.
No, I need air on my face
2. D-rings on Wrist, Waist and another suggestet the same plus rings on Ankles.
Wrist and Waist
Wrist, Waist and Ankles
No such things
3. A copletely closed hood, only nose holes.
Yes, thats a good idea.
No, leave it open.
4. Build in Corset.
Yes, it will shape your body
No, way to uncomfortable
What kind of things come to your mind for my new sleepsuit? Post them here, regardless what it is. If you want, you could leave your e-mail adress for furher discussion.
Will you do my other polls?
This poll was created on 2012-02-12 14:03:21 by myself30