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Castiel fans

This poll is for Castiel fans. Castiel is a charater on supernatural. He is an anger who helps out the Winchesters Dean and Sam. I'm a Castiel fan, but I have been a supernateral fan sinse season one, and that was way before Castiel came on the show. Castiel is now my favorite charater so for other Castiel fans I made up some questions.
Would you befriend Castiel
If you have answered yes to the question above why would you be friends with Castiel?
Because he is an angel
because he has powers
because I would be afraid that if I didn't be friends with him he would distroy me
Because I would find his knowlege useful
Because he would help me if he was my friend
Because we have similarities in our personalites
Because I like the way he looks
If you said no to befriending Castiel why wouldn't you be friends with Castiel?
Because he shows lack of emothions
Because he is always worrying about who to serve
because you have to beg him to help you
because he trapped souls inside of his body to get more godly powers to defeat raffeal.
Because he fratured the friendship between himself and Dean
Because you don't trust him
because you like your personal space and castiel likes to disrespect the pesonal bubble
because castiel killed balthasour
If Castiel was an Angel and he ended up as your teacher where would you sit in is classroom?
in the front
in the middle
in the back
For those who said they would sit in the front row in castiels class why would you pick the front row
I sit in the front row in all classes
So I could hear and see the board better
So I could focus on his lectures
So I can do well in his class
because I want him to think I'm a good student I want to be on his good list
because I like him
For those of you who said that you would sit in the back row in Castiels class why would you sit in the back row in his class
so you can chit chat with your friends during class without Castiel hearing you or finding out as easily as if you sat in front
because you don't like school, class so you care to hear any type of teachers lecture
so you can sleep in class without Castiel seeing you as easily as he would of if sat in the front
you get bored in any class so you would rather draw so you would sit in the back so castiel would have a harder time catching you than if you sat in front
because you don't like castiel so your going to stay as far away from him as you can
your afraid that Castiel might come after you are with any teacher
your afraid that castiel might come after you your considering that he might have his teachers pets and students that he don't like
If you went to school and Castiel was a student and somehow the two of you became friends and the teacher put Castiel in timeout and the teacher whispered in your ear and told you to throw a foam ball at him while Castiel was faced to the wall sitting in timeout. You tried to tell the teacher that you didn't want to do it because he was your friend but theacher made you do by telling you that you be punnished to so so threw the foam ball but castiel turns around and catches the ball and is about to throw the ball at you but the teachers stops him and his resposnse is well he/she threw it at me first and the theachers says well I didn't see him/her what do you think castiel would say to you later on that day at lunch time.
Castiel would probably tell me that he didn't want to be my friend anymore
Castiel would probably tell me that he wants to fight after school
Castiel would probably tell me " thanks alot for throwing a ball at me" in a sarcastic way"
Castiel would probably tell me that starting now were enimies
Castiel would probably tell me "thanks for throwing the ball I'm not your friend now"
Castiel would probably say what a mean teacher for trying to break the friendship up between me and you lets eat lunch now
Castiel would probably tell me to sit somewhere else because he doesn't want to sit next to you and eat luch with anymore.
If you and Castiel became friends what kind of activites do you think the two of you would do together? click as many acitivities as you like.
climb trees
go swimming
make mud pies
go shopping at the mall
go to a movie
go to a theme park
grab a bite to eat
catch lizards
catch frogs
catch snakes
catch slugs
catch snails
catch lady bugs
catch grasshoppers
catch catapellers
raise catapellers to butterflies
raise tadpoles to frogs
breed snails and slugs
breed just snails or just slugs
go to the zoo
If you were friends with castiel and you were kids do you think the two of you would be having sleepovers
If you said no to sleepovers with castiel why not
He would be an angel so he wouldn't sleep
he would keep me awake
he would talk too much
he would give too many orders
I don't do sleepovers
If you said yes to a sleep over with Castiel what type of activites would the two of you do? Click as many as you like
sneak and eat food in the middle of the night
take turns telling each other scary stories in the middle of the night
play video games
play board games
do arts and crafts
If Castiel became human for a week and some during that week he became sick and had to go to the emergency room in ICU and you went to go visit him because you two were friends what would you say to him
Hey Cas are you feeling any better
I hope you feel better
You had me worried I ran down here as soon as I heard how your stomach
Anything I could do for that would help you feel better or more comfortable.
are you okay
can I get you anything? are you cold would you like more blankets or are you hot would you like me to take some of those blakets off, are you would you like me to ask the nurse if you can have some water
Would you go on a date with Castiel?
If you said yes to a date with Castiel where would the two of you go?
Where ever he wanted
to a bar
a romantic resteraunt
a diner
a picnick at the Beach
sandwiches at a park
lunch and to a movie
This poll was created on 2012-02-27 05:35:46 by aquamermaid