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"Game Changer" Advocate & Humanitarian Awards

What does it mean to be a "Game Changer"? Is it someone who is different? Or could it be someone who doesn't play by the normal rules? Heal The Hood Foundation of Memphis Presents... THE "GAME CHANGER" ADVOCATE & HUMANITARIAN AWARDS!!! For a long time, this world has always created people that choose to be apart of the crowd. People who decide that they don't have enough strength to be a person to start a new trend! Well, every once and a while, someone arises to this challenge, and decided to splash an array of vibrant life into this colorless world, and because of this, HTH has decided to award these people! We call them Game Changers because they are innovators! They make the decision to make their own path instead of following the beaten road. So, what does this have to do with you? Here is your chance to help us choose who these "Game Changers" are going to be! By voting, just like any other award show, you can make a difference for who wins an award! There will be multiple categories, all with exactly 4 nominees, and to vote, you must choose whoever it is that YOU believe is a "Game Changer" and submit their name! But first, to understand exactly what we are looking for, here are a few descriptions of just exactly what a "Game Changer" is: DEMONSTRATORS! DREAMERS! TRANSFORMERS! BARRIER BREAKERS! UNDERGROUND TRAILBLAZERS! PROBLEMS SOLVERS! AND HERO BUILDERS! AND HERE ARE THE NOMINEES... *POLLS WILL BE CLOSING THE NIGHT (12:00AM) BEFORE THE LIVING THE DREAM TELETHON (APRIL 14) SO VOTE NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN! FOR YOU CHANCE TO WATCH YOU FAVORITE "GAME CHANGER" GET RECOGNIZED FOR THEIR ACHIEVEMENTS, PLEASE ATTEND THE 4TH ANNUAL LIVING THE DREAM TELETHON APRIL14, 2012! TICKETS ARE ONLY $12.00 For more information about nominees or tickets, contact us at www.hthmemphis.org or call (901) 482-1615

• Scholastic Award: The Memphis City Schools "Best Winning Essay".

16% (4) o Jessica Nyugen (Cordova Middle)
20% (5) o Tramale (Cordova Middle)
37% (9) o Gerinisha Summerall (Cummings Elementary)
25% (6) o Denesia Watkins (Levi Elementary)

24 voters have answered this question.

• Hero vs. Villan Award: Contestants that have strong commitment to giving back to his/her community through volunteer/community service.

27% (8) o Dr. Derrick Payne
13% (4) o Jerald Williams (MAM)
34% (10) o Dorian Spears
24% (7) o Lori Spicer

29 voters have answered this question.

• “Do Something” Award: Young people who have the power to change the world!

5% (2) o Kemario (Carver High)
29% (10) o Robyn X (Sherwood Middle)
50% (17) o Karrye Joy Delvridge
14% (5) o Subculture Royalty Dance Team

34 voters have answered this question.

• Teen Mentor Award: Teen mentors within the GRASSY Program that do and be all that they can.

31% (6) o Montavious Cannady
21% (4) o Porsha Parker
21% (4) o Latarrius Howard
26% (5) o Michael (Big Mike)

19 voters have answered this question.

• Services for Youth Award: For honoring outstanding "youth leadership" that has shown youth-led efforts to grow influential youth leaders.

6% (2) o Building Blocks Mentoring Program
3% (1) o M.A.M
51% (15) o Girls Inc.
37% (11) o Boys and Girls Club

29 voters have answered this question.

• Educational Services Award: Projects that provide or enhance educational or vocational/career opportunities for all ages.

10% (3) o A new Day Rehabilitation + Couseling Center
21% (6) o Sylven Learning Center
42% (12) o Bridges
25% (7) o Memphis Area Career Center

28 voters have answered this question.

• “Live The Dream” Outstanding Award: Pastors who are pillars in the community.

16% (5) o Rickey Floyd (Pursuit of God)
38% (12) o Stacy Spencer (New Direction)
19% (6) o Apostle Williams (WOOMC)
25% (8) o Brandon Porter (Greater Community Temple)

31 voters have answered this question.

• Community Outreach Award: Community Service Organizations/Nonprofits that are involved actively in community service projects.

18% (6) o Agape Child & Family Services
28% (9) o Habitat For Humanities
37% (12) o MIFA
15% (5) o United Way

32 voters have answered this question.

• New Generation Award: A "hip hop" pioneer that spread positive news and inspiration through entertainment.

46% (14) o Yung Titan
20% (6) o Specmacular
10% (3) o Cayerio
23% (7) o F.R.O.

30 voters have answered this question.

• Best Music Producer Award: The most outstanding producer regarding music/film production.

20% (6) o Johnathan Davenport (JDAV)
13% (4) o Kurt “KC” Clayton
16% (5) o Jonathan Richmond
50% (15) o Drumma Boy

30 voters have answered this question.

• R&B Artist Award: The most influential R&B music artists.

28% (9) o Chris Johnson (Chris J)
21% (7) o Rodney Ellis
25% (8) o Keia Johnson
25% (8) o Lil Rounds

32 voters have answered this question.

• “Best Video” Award: Highlights music videos sending messages of positivity and self-empowerment and raising awareness about social issues that affect today's youth.

1% (1) o Lil P-Nut (Bad Dream)
98% (62) o D3 (Super)
0% (0) o Bria Randle
0% (0) o Subculture Royalty

63 voters have answered this question.

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