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The National Debt.

Currently The US Federal Government is over $15,000,000,000,000.00 in debt. Out of every dollar the Fed is currently spending, 58 cents comes from tax revenues and 42 cents is borrowed. Simply cutting "a billion here and a billion there" will not bring us closer to balacing the budget. Massive cuts in the hundreds of billions or massive tax increaces accross the board, or a combination of both will be needed to remedy our debt situation.

Do you believe that the United States is currently facing a debt crisis?

87% (67) Yes
2% (2) Not Sure
10% (8) No

77 voters have answered this question.

Do you believe that there should be a Constitutional Amendment requiring a balanced budget?

64% (50) Yes
14% (11) Not sure
20% (16) No

77 voters have answered this question.

Considering the current rate the Fed is borrowing, how long do you believe the United States can sustain before a budget crisis is created?

74% (58) The US is in a budget crisis now.
11% (9) Five years
1% (1) Ten years
3% (3) Twenty Five years
8% (7) There is no debt crisis, The US can go on indefinately.

78 voters have answered this question.

What Steps should the Fed take to correct the current debt situation?

14% (11) Raise Taxes accross the board.
0% (0) Cut Taxes accross the board.
28% (21) Cut spending/raise taxes.
54% (41) Cut spending/ lower taxes.
2% (2) Keep everything the same.

75 voters have answered this question.

Your political affiliation is;

12% (10) Democrat
28% (22) Republican
28% (22) Independent
15% (12) Libertarian
14% (11) Other

77 voters have answered this question.

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