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Barefoot for Parents/Children

A place for both parents/children to poll and discuss about being forced/not forced to go barefoot. Forced is a little strong! It's hygienic and better for your health they say. As this trend increases in popularity, is it really the best decision? The only limit here, is your imagination.
What is your main role in life?
Parental Guardian
Do you have children?
Yes, I have children
No, hoping to have children
No, do not have children
What gender are your children?
Boys and Girls
Children should go barefoot at home, at a friends house and anywhere else.
I am forced to barefoot and my current/future children should be forced to go barefoot
Imagine you are the parental guardian of a child in the following situation: Children don't wear socks! As this trend increases in popularity, the majority remains shod. You as a parent, are part of the majority where your children are always wearing shoes and socks. Today, you decide to jump on the bandwagon and force them to go barefoot. How do you execute your plan?
When are your children to be barefoot?
My children should be barefoot for .
Where are your children to be barefoot?
Say one of your children hated to be barefoot and was humiliate by it, what happens now?
I will return his/her shoes and socks as it caused humiliation
He/she will remain barefoot for hygienic and health concerns
The child who hated to be barefoot, was involved in bad behavior. You wanted to punish your child but were considering he/she were forced barefoot as a consequence. What would you possibly do?
Allow your child to keep their shoes and socks
Only allow your child to wear flip flops or sandals
Lock up their shoes and socks without them knowing
Hide their shoes and socks without them knowing
You did not take away your child's shoes and socks; your child broke into his/her stash of shoes and socks; the shoes and socks were vaguely hidden or your child is am excellent detective. Your child broke the grounding rule, what are the consequences or will you issue a warning?
What about going barefoot as a general house rule?
Yes, I currently enforce barefoot house rules
Yes, I am forced to abide by barefoot house rules
No, I plan to enforce barefoot house rules
No, I do not plan on enforcing barefoot house rules
Can you describe a time when you were punished/forced to go barefoot? If so, please write your story in the box below. Then we have those who are barefoot by their own willingness. You could also describe your earliest barefoot experience.
After you arrive home, and shed your shoes. When do you take off your socks and go barefoot?
Your children are going to summer camp, what are they bringing? You know they are bringing shoes and socks but in your opinion, is that the best decision for them?
Shoes and socks
Flip flops or sandals
No footwear
What if you as a family were traveling on a summer vacation? What would you permit them to bring along in their suitcase?
Shoes and socks
Flip flops or sandals
No footwear
You purposely remove said footwear from the baggage without your child knowing. The only problem is, your child will be wearing shoes and socks as he/she leaves the house with you. What is your plan?
Your usual footwear in public is and at home, .
Ever been forced barefoot?
Yes, as per my own house rules
Yes, as per my friends/family's house rules
Yes, as a punishment
No, I have never been forced barefoot
In what ways were you forced barefoot?
Allowed to keep my shoes and socks but could not wear them when specified
Shoes and socks taken away so I could not wear them
Only allowed to wear flip flops or sandals without socks
Shoes and socks were destroyed/thrown away
When were you forced barefoot?
Do you as a parental guardian/child enjoy going barefoot?
Is there a reason why you choose the footwear that you do?
This poll was created on 2012-03-30 05:41:17 by parentalkiddie