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Planning my night after a friend lost a bet

Looking back at my polls, my friends time to serve me is almost at hand, I just need a few more things to be helped with.
The first thing is, what order should he be my maid and my ballerina?
Maid first, then ballerina
Ballerina first, then maid
Now, I've decided to invite some friends over. I'm not sure how I should go about that?
Just your closest two or three friends, more induvidual service and you can each have a go at dressing him up!
Have a small dinner party of around eight or nine girls
Every girl you can think off, no real maid service (boring), just "come and look"
I'm not sure what I should say about photos and videos. My friend said he would be very uncomfortable with it (and I do respect him) but he said it's my choice.
Allow photos
Allow videos
Each person who comes over is allowed one photo with him
No one excpet you gets to take photos, and you can keep them (for blackmail, hehe)
My girlfriends are trying to convince me to use long lasting makeup, but I think he should have to change makeup with outfits. Should I go for one long lasting look, or multiple looks for each outfit?
Long lasting from the beginning
Change his look with each new outfit
We're debating whether or not he should get his hair put into an updo with lots of pins at a hair salon (hidden from public view) or if we should make him wear a wig.
Take him to the salon
Get him a bob wig
Get him an updo wig
Get him the tallest beehive wig you can find!
Should we put acrylics on his nails (all will be coloured according to outfit)?
Yes (fingers)
Yes (toes)
Yes (fingers), no (toes)
No (fingers), yes (toes)
If there are a small amount of us, should we make him do a catwalk of lots of different outfits?
Yes, but you have to model with him!
At the end of all this, should me and my friends surprise him by putting on our own display of ballet and giving him lots of kisses to say thanks?
This poll was created on 2012-04-22 01:29:35 by helpmechoose