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What pajama should I wear for pajama day in school?

Well, pajama day in school ;) And you get to descide what I wear ;) For the persons who have not done my other polls, here some info. I like wearing footed pj's with a back zipper, regardless of the fact that I can't unzip them alone.

So, what should I wear?

48% (42) Footed pj's with back zipper
15% (13) Footed pj's with button back
11% (10) Footed pj's with zipper in front
12% (11) Normal pj's
6% (6) Long satin nightgown with back zipper
4% (4) Long satin nightgown with button back

86 voters have answered this question.

Or do you have another thing in mind? Tell me.

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86 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2012-06-11 08:06:17 by myself30
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