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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

A poll about all aspects of the 3 seasons of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers including rangers, zords and monsters. However it will not include the alien rangers as it was not considered a full season by Saban.
Which of the original 6 rangers was your favourite? (I know Tommy joined in the middle but it was easier this way)
Jason (Red Ranger)
Zach (Black Ranger)
Billy (Blue Ranger)
Trini (Yellow Ranger)
Kimberley (Pink Ranger)
Tommy (Green / White Ranger)
Which replacement ranger was your favourite? (Select only these as list will be too big)
Rocky (2nd Red Ranger)
Adam (2nd Black Ranger)
Aisha (2nd Yellow Ranger)
Kat (2nd Pink Ranger)
Which set of zords did you prefer?
Which Megazord combination was your favourite? (Including ultrazord combinations)
Megazord tank mode
Megazord battle mode
Dragonzord battle mode
Mega Dragonzord
Thunder Megazord
Tigerzord warrior mode
Mega Tigerzord
Thunderzord Assault team
Thunder Ultrazord
Ninja Megazord
Shogun Megazord
Ninja Ultrazord
Shogun Ultrazord
Which ally or friend of the rangers was your favourite?
Alpha 5
Ms Appleby
Other (Please tell me in message area)
Which of the main villains was your favourite?
Rita Repulsa
Lord Zedd
Rito Revolto
Master Vile
Which footsoldiers was your favourite?
Original Putty patrollers
Zedd Putties
Tenga Warriors
Which set of monsters did you prefer?
Season 1 (vs Dinozords)
Season 2 (vs Thunderzords)
Season 3 (vs Ninjazords)
What do you think would have made the series better if that was possible? (you can select more than one)
battles between rangers and Zedd / Rita personally
Ranger centric episodes
More rangers
Less rangers
More Megazord combinations
Romance between characters
Finally did Saban make the right decision in adapting the Super Sentai footage rather than just dubbing over the Japanese footage?
Should have dubbed the Japanese footage
Fine with adaptation
This poll was created on 2012-06-30 18:14:54 by ranger_red