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Laser Eye Surgery

A survey about consumers' decisions about laser eye surgery.
Are you male or female?
How old are you?
17 or under
25 or older
What is your educational attainment? (If you're still in school, what are your parents' educational attainments?)
Less than high school
High school, graduated
Some college, no degree
Associate degree
Bachelor's degree
Master's degree
Doctorate or professional degree
What is your annual household income?
Less than $12,000
Over $350,000
What vision problems do you have?
Nearsightedness or myopia
Unknown or other
Farsightedness or hyperopia
Would you consider laser eye surgery?
Already had it done
LASIK is the most common laser eye surgery procedure chosen by civilians due to its fast recovery rate. PRK is less popular among the civilian population but frequently used by the military due to its low cost and low severity of side effects. Given a choice, would you rather have LASIK done or PRK?
Not sure
What are your biggest concerns about laser eye surgery?
Cost ($1,500-$2,000 per eye)
I don't have any concerns
Side effects (mild side effects such as night driving difficulties are common, but severe side effects are more rare)
Blindness (1 in 5 million chance)
Pain after surgery (may last anywhere from a few hours to a few days)
What are your best reasons for laser eye surgery?
Sports performance
Peer pressure
Military or job
Looks better without glasses
I don't have any reasons
Freedom from glasses/contacts
This poll was created on 2012-07-06 04:33:03 by Loney