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Shake It up!

Here is the fun Shake It Up (a disney channel hit series) poll for kids16 and under!
Where is your favorite lace to dance?
Your backyard
Your bedroom
At school
Shake It Up Chicago stage
On a boat
None of the above
Who is your favorite Shake It Up character?
Gunther or Tinka
Gary Wilde
Would you want to be a part of Make Your Mark
I don't know yet
Which is your favorite episode?
Fire It Up
Copy Kat It Up
Hessenhefer It Up
the first Shake It Up episode
Debit Card It Up
I didn't like any of these episodes
Which character would you want to meet in person?
CeCe and Rocky
Gunther and Tinka
Ty and Duece
I would want to meet all of them!
None of them. I'de rather just see them on T.V
This poll was created on 2012-10-21 00:39:40 by grg0905