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Koi Restaurant Survey

The Japenese Inspired Cuisine Restaurant in Los, Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, & Bangkok
What is your favorite soup?
Miso Soup
Seafood Miso Soup
What is your Favorite Salad?
Organic Field Greens
Cucumber Sunomono
Seaweed Medly Cucumber
Warm Baby Spinach & Mushrooms
Soft Shell Crab
Sea Scallops
Lobster Avacodo
What is your favorite Signature Dish?
Koi Krispy Rice
Seared Tuna
Creamy Rock Shrimp Tempura
Tuna Tartare
Salmon Carpaccio
Hamachi Fusion
Kobe Beef Carpaccio
Foie Gras on Seared Tuna
Spicy Seared Albacore
Wild Young Yellowtail Carpaccio
Kobe Style Potstickers
Fresh Oysters
Spicy Crunchy Yellowtail Tartare
Halibut Sashimi
Edameane Dumplings
Chicken Yakitore
What is your favorite Hot Dish?
Miso Bronzed Black Cod
Sauteed Tiger Prawns
Sesame Encrusted Lobster Tail
Steamed Chilean Sea Bass
Barbecue Salmon
Seared Ahi Tuna
Tofu and Vegetables
Pan Seared Chicken Breast
Roasted Duck Breast
Grilled Lamb Chops
Wasabi Braised Short Ribs
Grilled Skirt Steak
Kobe Style Sirloin
Kobe Style Filet Mignon "Toban-Yaki"
What is your favorite Tempura?
What is your favorite Side Dish?
Roasted Shishito Peppers
Glazed String Beans
Shishito Mashed Potatoes
Grilled Japanese Eggplant
Sauteed Asparagus and Mushrooms
What is your favorite Signature Roll?
Baked Crab Roll
Baked Scallops
Sauteed Shrimp
Spicy Rock Shrimp Tempura Hand Roll
Dragon Roll
Baked Lobster Roll
Kobe Surf & Turf Roll
What is your favorite Hand Cut Roll?
Bay Scallops Roll
California Roll
Yellowtail and Scallion Roll
Cucumber Roll
Salmon Skin Roll
Shrimp Tempura Roll
Spicy Tuna Roll
Tuna Roll
Salmon Roll
Vegetable Roll
Eel and Avocado Roll
Soft Shell Crab Roll
Rainbow Roll
Sunset Roll
What is your favorite Sushi\Sashimi?
Snow Crab
Salmon Egg
Fresh Water Eel
Jumbo Clam
Sea Eel
Sea Urchin
Smelt Egg
Sweet Shrimp
Bay Scallops
This poll was created on 2012-11-14 08:30:08 by culinarychic21