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You Can't Do That on Television:Complete the scene

Here you get to be a little creative-I will begin a ycdtotv scene and you describe how you think the outcome should go-what happens to (and gets dumped on) your character! have fun!
Scene: you and Christine are talking then in comes Ross: Ross: guess what gang-we got in the new slime shipment today! Christine:awww no.. Ross: yep, and they made it extra gross this time- its 50% more disgusting than usual! You:gross-I'd hate to be the one getting slimed with MORE disgusting slime Christine: better you than me! ( finish the scene what happens next? who gets slimed? is the slime more disgusting?)
Scene: you are in the dungeon with nasti Nasti: there some bad news I'm afraid-you know the trapdoor above you that dumps the green slime on your head? You: yeah? Nasti: well it's broken... You:alright! that means you can't green slime me today! Nasti: hee hee-not exactly... (finish the scene, why is nasti happy? How will you be slimed if the trapdoor is broken?)
Scene: you christine, lisa at the coffee break area Christine: this coffee is pretty good today-better than the batch theey made yesterday.. Lisa: you mean that disgusting brown GLOP? It was closer to brown lime than coffee.. You: yeah, no one drank it.. Chistine: no one could..I wonder what they did with that stuff.. (finish the scene-what became of the coffee sludge?)
You come into the parents house: Mom: excuse me but where have you been? You: uhhh, just hanging out with some friends.. Mom: friends huh? I smell smoke on you..have you been smoking? You: no no! I swear! Mom: you're lying to me! You know the penalty for smoking! You: no NO! NOT THAT! (finish the scene-what is this penalty?)
You are in class: Teacher: ok everyone pop quiz day! I hope everyone studied! he he kidding I know you couldn't have-but don't worry only ONE of you will be doomed to the quiz- the one of you I hear gulp the loudest! (finish the scene-)
Was this fun? Would you want to do more of these "choose your own adventures"?
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