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Love Triangles - women only

Ladies: Some of us have had the unfortunate luck of having been in a "love triangle" where we were competing with another women for a man.
When it come to love...
All is fair in love and war
I play fair but agressive
I do not play play fair, and I do whatever it takes to win
I roll over and let the other women win..I am meek when it comes to competition
My best strategy to win the guy over to my side is:
I dress to kill and intimidate the other woman
I dress to kill and impress the guy
I get the guy in bed as soon as possible
I challenge the other woman to a catfight
I just go with the flow and see what happens
I am so afraid of competition that I let the other woman win
In these situation I usually...
win as many as I lose
As far as competing with other women over a man...
I love it !
I hate it but I am willing to do it
I am not willing to do it
My age is...
under 18
The number of times I have competed with another woman for a man...
3-5 times
6+ times
My favorite time I competed with another woman and won was in the year and her name was and her age was
Final Comments
This poll was created on 2012-12-08 17:00:13 by Jane's arena