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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Poll 231

A poll about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, the My Little Pony that isn't like its third generation at all. This might have to be changed later on once we see the villain at the end of Season 3.
Favorite of the Mane 6?
Twilight Sparkle
Rainbow Dash
Pinkie Pie
Favorite of the Cutie Mark Crusaders?
Apple Bloom
Sweetie Belle
Favorite princess/alicorn?
Princess Celestia
Princess Luna
Princess Cadance
Favorite major character altogether?
Twilight Sparkle
Rainbow Dash
Pinkie Pie
Princess Celestia
Princess Luna
Apple Bloom
Sweetie Belle
Shining Armor
Princess Cadance
Favorite villain?
Nightmare Moon
Queen Chrysalis
King Sombra
Most evil villain?
Nightmare Moon
Queen Chrysalis
King Sombra
Favorite villain defeat?
Nightmare Moon (turned back into Luna with the Elements of Harmony)
Discord (turned to stone with the Elements of Harmony) (will return and possibly turn good)
Queen Chrysalis (blasting off Team Rocket style by Shining Armor and Cadance) (returns if the comics are canon)
King Sombra (destroyed by the power of the Crystal Heart)
Favorite minor antagonist?
Diamond Tiara
Silver Spoon
The jocks from Sonic Rainboom
Diamond Dogs
Cannibalistic dragon that tries to eat Spike
Prince Blueblood (if he counts)
Those two snob ponies from Sweet and Elite
Flim Flam brothers
Garble and his dragon gang
Pinkie Pie clones
Babs Seed
Lightning Dust (if she counts)
Timberwolf trio / giant timberwolf
Favorite death scene?
Windigoes (incinerated by the Fire of Friendship)
The changelings that Pinkie Pie takes out by using Twilight as a gatling gun (they are shown laying motionless with their eyes open unlike the twitching, dazed changelings)
King Sombra (shattered to pieces in a flash of light)
Pinkie Pie clones (zapped by Twilight with a magic spell that collapses them into magic that is sent back into the mirror pond from whence it came)
Giant timberwolf (chokes on a rock kicked into his mouth by Spike)
Does Nightmare Moon count? (Lauren Faust hinted that she is the embodiment of Luna's jealousy magnified by dark magic and possessing Luna, what happens to said jealousy when Luna is restored?)
I think the comics are non-canon and Chrysalis doesn't have Team Rocket's immunity
Favorite background pony? (out of the most prominent ones)
Derpy Hooves
Berry Punch
Doctor Whooves / Time Turner
DJ Pon 3 / Vinyl Scratch
Lyra and BonBon
Daisy, Lily, and Rose
Golden Harvest
June Bug
Cloud Kicker
Favorite type of pony
Earth pony
Favorite Lord of the Rings reference?
Canterlot is Minas Tirith
Red dragon laying on a hoard of treasure inside a tall skinny mountain resembles Smaug
Diamond Dogs look and talk like Gollum
Twilight talks to her reflection like Gollum
Crystal Empire is Isengard
King Sombra is like a pony version of Sauron
Favorite Harry Potter reference?
Harry Potter pony
Celestia vs. Chrysalis is Harry vs. Voldemort
Changelings destroy the barrier around Canterlot like Voldemort destroys the barrier around Hogwarts
Trixie essentially attempts Crucio on Rainbow Dash (and fails because she isn't powerful enough to perform the curse)
Favorite Greek Mythology reference?
Cloudsdale is Mount Olympus
Cerberus guarding the gates of Tartarus (a.k.a. Hades)
Rarity flying too close to the sun, burning her wings, and falling like Icarus
Which similarity is creepier when you think about it?
Smaug, who is parodied in Dragonshy, ate SIX ponies, which match the number of the Mane 6
Two of the villains Chrysalis resembles, Lamia and Voldemort, have both killed a unicorn. Chrysalis nearly kills Twilight and manipulates her brother, both of whom are unicorns
Most violent scene? (Who still thinks this is a kid show?)
Heavy stuff falling on Twilight due to Derpy Hooves and the Pinkie sense
Any of the times Rainbow Dash's wings are broken or otherwise abused
Dragon trying to eat Spike in cannibalism
Stained glass windows' depiction of Discord holding ponies above a fire pit with sound effect of ponies' screams of pain
Fluttershy snapping the bear's neck (even if she wasn't killing or even hurting him)
The Windigoes' deaths
The death trap in the Daring Do book with the quicksand, spikes, spiders, and snakes (even if Daring Do escaped it)
Twilight getting scratched and looking directly at the sun through a telescope
The Mane 6 fighting the changelings
King Sombra's death
Rarity pricking her hoof during which blood can be shown (red blood even though they could've censored it by making it silver coz she's a unicorn)
Giant timberwolf choking on a rock
Angel kicking a carrot at Fluttershy
Favorite season?
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Favorite two-parter?
Friendship is Magic
The Return of Harmony
A Canterlot Wedding
The Crystal Empire
Do you think of the IDW comic "The Return of Queen Chrysalis" as canon with the series?
Yes, Chrysalis returns shortly after her first defeat and will likely be killed/imprisoned for good and stay absent from Season 3
No, Chrysalis is either dead or will return in Season 3 or possibly the rumored movie
Favorite spy costume?
Twilight Sparkle as Snake (Metal Gear) in It's About Time
Pinkie Pie as Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell) in The Crystal Empire
Rainbow Dash's wings have had enough!
Position of wings reversed by Poison Joke
Discord takes away her wings (BEFORE simultaneously removing Fluttershy's wings and Twilight and Rarity's horns)
Wing gets caught under boulder (and presumably broken)
Crashes and breaks her wing, putting her in the hospital
Trixie turns her wing giant
Injures her wing at the Wonderbolts Academy due to Lightning Dust
What are you going to do when you're done this poll?
Watch My Little Pony
Go to bed
Go outside
Do something else
Shoot fireballs at my friends
This poll was created on 2013-01-01 00:31:13 by Ghostkaiba297