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North American Birds Checklist (Part 2)

Check all the birds you have seen in your life. Even if you're not a birder, this poll is for you! You can check off every bird you have seen; if you don't know what one bird is, look it up online by opening a new window/tab. Got it? I'll be interested to see the results, so please take!
Chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, and creepers. P.S. Remember to look up photos or information on species you are unsure of. I've included range tips to help you if you're not experienced.
Bridled Titmouse (Arizona and New Mexico only)
Oak Titmouse (California and southwest Oregon only)
Tufted Titmouse (The common one of the eastern and central U.S.)
Juniper Titmouse (Found throughout the west)
Black-crested Titmouse (Texas and southwest OK)
Black-capped Chickadee
Carolina Chickadee (eastern)
Mexican Chickadee (Super rare; extreme southern NM)
Mountain Chickadee (western)
Chestnut-backed Chickadee (western)
Boreal Chickadee
Gray-headed Chickadee (Small range in Alaska and northwest Canada)
Verdin (Southwestern bird)
Bushtit (western bird as far east as eastern Texas)
Red-breasted Nuthatch (nearly whole continent except far south)
White-breasted Nuthatch (commonest nuthatch, widespread)
Brown-headed Nuthatch (southeast as far north as Virginia and spreading westward as the range becomes more southerly, to about as far west as TX)
Pygmy Nuthatch (west)
Brown Creeper
Wrens, kinglets, and gnatcatchers.
Rock Wren (western)
Canyon Wren (western)
Cactus Wren (southwestern)
House Wren (widespread, common)
Winter Wren (east)
Pacific Wren (pacific area)
Bewick's wren (west)
Carolina Wren (eastern)
Marsh Wren
Sedge Wren (east)
American Dipper
Ruby-crowned Kinglet
Golden-crowned Kinglet
Wrentit (far west)
Blue-gray gnatcatcher
Black-capped Gnatcatcher (extreme rarity of southeast Arizona)
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher (southwest)
California Gnatcatcher (southwest California)
Northern Wheatear (arctic areas)
Thrush family.
Eastern Bluebird
Western Bluebird
Mountain Bluebird (west but rare in east sometimes)
Townsend's Solitaire (gray-and-black western bluebird)
Gray-cheeked thrush (east)
Bicknell's thrush (northeast, rare)
Veery (east)
Swainson's thrush
Hermit thrush (extremely common, whole continent)
Wood Thrush (east and eastern central area, common)
Fieldfare (Absolute rarity)
Redwing (Absolute rarity)
American Robin (Check this, I KNOW you've seen one!!!)
Clay-colored thrush (range is a few miles into the southern tip of texas)
Rufous-backed thrush (rare and in AZ)
Aztec thrush (super rare)
Varied Thrush (west)
Mimics, waxwings, etc.
Gray Catbird
Northern Mockingbird
Blue Mockingbird (super-rarity with no range)
Bahama Mockingbird (rarity found only on Florida Keys)
Brown Thrasher (east)
Long-billed Thrasher (Texas)
Sage Thrasher (west)
California Thrasher (California)
Curve-billed thrasher (southwest)
Bendire's thrasher (extreme southwest)
Leconte's Thrasher (extremely extreme southwest!)
Crissal Thrasher (extreme southwest)
Red-whiskered bulbul (Florida, rare)
Common Myna (southern half of Florida)
European Starling (E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E.)
Eastern Yellow Wagtail (Alaska)
White Wagtail (Alaska)
American Pipit
Sprague's Pipit (central USA)
Olive-backed Pipit (rare to Alaska)
Pechora Pipit (rare Siberian bird found rare in AK)
Red-throated Pipit (rare, pacific areas)
Bohemian Waxwing
Cedar Waxwing
Phainopepla (southwest)
Smith's Longspur
Lapland Longspur
Chestnut-collared Longspur (central areas)
McCown's Longspur (central areas)
Snow Bunting
McKay's Bunting (alaska but fairly uncommon there)
Blue-winged Warbler (east)
Golden-winged Warbler (endangered, east)
Tennessee Warbler
Orange-crowned Warbler
Nashville Warbler
Colima Warbler (southwest Texas)
Virginia's Warbler (southwest)
Lucy's warbler (southwest)
Northern Parula (eastern)
Tropical Parula (Small areas in Texas)
Yellow Warbler (common, everywhere)
Chestnut-sided Warbler (east)
Magnolia Warbler
Cape May Warbler
Black-throated Blue Warbler (east)
Yellow-rumped Warbler (Most common warbler)
Black-throated Gray Warbler
Black-throated Green Warbler
Golden-cheeked Warbler (endangered, central Texas)
Hermit Warbler (west)
Townsend's Warbler (west)
Blackburnian Warbler (east)
Cerulean Warbler (threatened, east)
Palm Warbler
Grace's warbler (southwest)
Yellow-throated Warbler (east)
Kirtland's Warbler (Michigan, endangered)
Prairie Warbler (east)
Bay-breasted Warbler
Blackpoll Warbler
Pine Warbler (east)
Black-and-white warbler (east and central)
American Redstart (mostly east, but spreads into west)
Worm-eating Warbler (southeast)
Swainson's Warbler (southeast)
Prothonotary Warbler (East)
Louisiana Waterthrush (east)
Northern Waterthrush
Mourning Warbler (mostly east)
MacGillivray's Warbler (west)
Connecticut Warbler (east)
Kentucky Warbler (east)
Canada Warbler
Wilson's Warbler
Hooded Warbler (east)
Common Yellowthroat
Yellow-breasted Chat
Painted Redstart (Arizona and NM only)
Golden-crowned Warbler (extreme rare, southern Texas)
Rufous-capped Warbler (Arizona)
Olive Warbler (southwest)
Sparrows and Towhees.
White-collared Seedeater (southern Texas)
Olive Sparrow (southern texas)
Eastern Towhee
Spotted Towhee (west)
Green-tailed Towhee (west)
California Towhee (west)
Canyon Towhee (southwest)
Abert's towhee (southwest)
Rufous-winged Sparrow (southwest)
Cassin's Sparrow (southwest)
Bachman's Sparrow (rare, southeast)
Botteri's Sparrow (south Arizona and Texas)
Rufous-crowned Sparrow (southwest)
American Tree Sparrow
Field Sparrow (mostly east)
Chipping Sparrow
Clay-colored Sparrow
Brewer's sparrow (west)
Black-chinned Sparrow (southwest)
Black-throated Sparrow (southwest)
Five-striped Sparrow (rarity from Arizona)
Sage Sparrow (west)
Lark Bunting (central areas and a bit of the west)
Vesper Sparrow
Lark Sparrow (central and west)
Savannah Sparrow
Grasshopper Sparrow
Baird's Sparrow (central)
Henslow's Sparrow (east, rare)
Saltmarsh Sparrow (Atlantic coast from Florida to Maine)
LeConte's Sparrow (central and a bit of east)
Nelson's Sparrow (east)
Seaside Sparrow (Atlantic and Gulf coasts, except a few spots in Florida)
Lincoln's Sparrow
Song Sparrow (Most common sparrow)
Swamp Sparrow
Fox Sparrow
Harris's Sparrow (central region)
White-throated Sparrow (those common sparrows with the head that has white on it with black stripes and a spot of yellow, and that hop on the ground)
White-crowned Sparrow (those common sparrows with the black-and-white heads and gray underparts and orange bills)
Golden-crowned Sparrow (fairly common in the west)
Dark-eyed Junco (ABUNDANT! With many forms)
Yellow-eyed Junco (Southeast Arizona and Southwest New Mexico)
Rustic Bunting (rarity of Alaska)
Little Bunting (rarity of Alaska)
Tanagers, cardinals, grosbeaks, and buntings, and other "pretty" birds!
Hepatic Tanager (southwest, all red bird)
Summer Tanager (entire south, all red bird)
Scarlet Tanager (east, red bird with black wings and tail)
Western Tanager (black and yellow bird with orange and red head, west)
Flame-Colored Tanager (rarity of Arizona)
Crimson-collared Grosbeak (rarity of south Texas)
Northern Cardinal (I'm guessing you know what these are!)
Pyrrhuloxia (southwest)
Dickcissel (common central, uncommon to rare in east)
Rose-breasted Grosbeak (mostly east)
Black-headed Grosbeak (mostly west)
Yellow Grosbeak (extreme southwest rarity from Mexico)
Blue Bunting (rarity from South Texas)
Blue Grosbeak (mostly southern areas)
Painted Bunting (southeast and south-central especially), the "rainbow" birds! P.S. I got to see one male in 2012 on November 14 at my FL trip and it was the bestest bird sighting of the year besides loons! Not that you care :)
Varied Bunting (pretty pink-and-purple bird of southwest)
Indigo Bunting (east and central, blue bird of many shades)
Lazuli Bunting (west)
Blackbirds and Meadowlarks, etc.
Eastern Meadowlark (east and spreads further west in south)
Western Meadowlark (west and spreads further east in north)
Red-winged Blackbird (common! Can be seen in flocks of thousands!)
Tricolored Blackbird (uncommon, California and Oregon)
Yellow-headed Blackbird (common! Can be seen in large flocks. Mostly western, but is uncommon in some parts of the east, where it can be seen among red-winged blackbirds)
Rusty Blackbird
Brewer's Blackbird (usually not found in northeast)
Common Grackle (those common huge-tailed black birds that waddle around.)
Boat-tailed Grackle (Atlantic Coast from Texas all the way up to Connecticut.)
Great-tailed Grackle (of central and west)
Shiny Cowbird (scarce and in south Florida only)
Brown-headed Cowbird
Bronzed Cowbird (southwest)
Orioles. Peep.
Orchard Oriole (east and as far west as eastern Montana)
Hooded Oriole (far southwest)
Streak-backed Oriole (rarity of Southern Arizona)
Black-vented Oriole (super rarity that is rarely seen in North America)
Altamira Oriole (far south texas)
Audubon's Oriole (Southern half of Texas)
Spot-breasted Oriole (southeast Florida only)
Baltimore Oriole (most common in east)
Bullock's Oriole (western)
Scott's Oriole (southwestern but as far north as Idaho)
Finches and Allies.
Gray-crowned Rosy-finch (west)
Brown-capped Rosy-finch (uncommon and only found in Colorado, south Wyoming, and North New Mexico)
Black Rosy-finch (western)
Purple Finch
Cassin's Finch (west, mostly in northwest)
House Finch (ABUNDANT. Hear them every day.)
Red Crossbill (scarce bird of the north and west)
White-winged Crossbill (scarce bird of the north and northwest)
Pine Grosbeak (scarce bird of the north and west)
American Goldfinch
Lesser Goldfinch (west)
Lawrence's Goldfinch (California and Arizona)
Common Redpoll (north)
Hoary Redpoll (north)
Pine Siskin
Evening Grosbeak
Brambling (rarity of Alaska)
OLD WORLD Sparrows
House Sparrow (those brown birds (females) or brown and black-and-white faced birds (males) found in every town and city!
Eurasian Tree Sparrow (cities of west illinois, northeast Missouri and southeast Iowa.)
Orange Bishop (Far southwest California)
Nutmeg Mannikin (southwest Calfornia)
I am GLAD that's over! Aren't you?
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