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Random catfights

As random and goofy as it gets
Chellss Richardson (fitness model 5'5" 125 lbs) fights against Khloé Kardashian (Socialite 5'9" 165lbs)
After battering Khloe for a while, Chellss finally ends it with a Suplex knocking Khloe to la-la land
After a back and forth battle, Chellss manages to lock in a Sleeper, causing Khloe to turn blue and pass out
After a back and forth battle, Khloe lands a huge uppercut knocking Chellss clean out
Khloe smacks Chellss around for a while, then finally KO's Chellss with a rib snapping bearhug
Holly Peers (model 5'7" 112lbs) vs Aída Yéspica (television personality 5'8" 121lbs)
Holly beats up Aida and finally ends it with a Piledriver
After a back and forth battle, Holly locks in an STF to get Aida to tap
After a back and forth battle, Aida locks in a bodyscissors Holly can't escape
Aida schools Holly for a while, then puts her away with a Spin Kick
Nadia Bjorlin (actress 5'8" 128lbs) takes on Doutzen Kroes (model 5'10" 119lbs)
Nadia pounds on Doutzen, finally locking in a Boston Crab that makes Doutzen say uncle
After a back and forth battle, Nadia DDT's Doutzen to unconsciousness
After a back and forth battle, Doutzen catches Nadia in an americana she has to give in to
Doutzen grounds Nadia and pounds her till butterflies are circling her head
Alice Goodwin (model 5'8" 128lbs) locks horns with Sarah Lancaster (5'8" 110lbs)
Alice bullies Sarah for a while then pushes her into a corner and throws haymakers till Sarah collapses
After a back and forth battle, Alice finally manages to wrestle Sarah into a rear naked choke
After a back and forth battle, Sarah turns out Alice's lights with a Backbreaker
Sarah destroys Alice and finally applies an STF getting a submission
Kate Upton (5'10" 145lbs) has finally heard enough fat comments and goes after Irina Shayk (5'10" 119lbs) and Alyssa Miller (5'9" 115lbs)
Kate thrashes both girls and ends the night with a spear to each
Alyssa and Irina give Kate some trouble but finally fall to a few lucky punches
Kate puts up a fight but gets caught from behind by Irina's full nelson and Alyssa uses her as a punching bag till she finally crashes to the floor
Alyssa and Irina dominate Kate, and finally end it with a double bodyscissors, thinking it might trim her waist up a bit
Now let's throw them all into a battle royal for the prize of a couple of cookies and a "Stop hounding me for a photoshoot Maxim" contract. The big winner is
Does the winner get the cookies, or.....
A match with Chyna, who is still obviously mad about her 'Celebrity Boxing' appearance
Hounded by Maxim for a photoshoot anyhow
This poll was created on 2013-07-16 06:24:48 by wrectoplasm