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POLL FICTION: Over-Sexxed Catfights 2

Who is the first to submit to their desires in a Sexfight over the edge? The powers of seduction, physical & mental stength will decide this sexxed up event.
Bridget Fonda vs Sandra Bullock
Bridget SUBMITS to Sandra
Sandra SUBMITS to Bridget
Kate Upton vs Christina Hendricks
Christina SUBMITS to Kate
Kate SUBMITS to Christina
Britney Spears vs Eva Longoria
Eva SUBMITS to Britney
Britney SUBMITS to Eva
Kirsten Dunst vs Elisha Cuthbert
Kirsten SUBMITS to Elisha
Elisha SUBMITS to Kirsten
Claire Danes vs Keira Knightley
Claire SUBMITS to Keira
Keira SUBMITS to Claire
Salma Hayek vs Izabella scorupco
Izabella SUBMITS to Salma
Salma SUBMITS to Izabella
Kaley Cuoco vs Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer SUBMITS to Kaley
Kaley SUBMITS to Jennifer
Olivia Munn vs Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett SUBMITS to Olivia
Olivia SUBMITS to Scarlett
Lucy Pinder vs Kat Dennings
Kat SUBMITS to Lucy
Lucy SUBMITS to Kat
Anne Hathaway vs Michelle Trachtenberg
Michelle SUBMITS to Anne
Anne SUBMITS to Michelle
Nobody was hurt in making this poll, concept is POLL FICTION!!! Thanks to all these beautiful ladies who inspire me, and of course you the voters for taking the time to vote......
This poll was created on 2013-08-11 10:24:31 by Jmeri