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Knife throwing acts

Do you like acts where knives are thrown around a woman's body?
You are?
Do you enjoy knife throwing acts?
What do you like about knife throwing acts?
The display of the knife thrower's skill
The bravery of the assistant
The element of danger
Seeing a pretty assistant
Seeing a good looking thrower
What kind of costume should the assistant wear?
A blouse and pants
A blouse and knee length skirt
A blouse and short skirt. Mid thigh.
A tight top and very short skirt. Top of stockings)
A blouse and shorts
A tank top and very short shorts
A conservative leotard. Covers all the breasts and cut lower on the legs
A sexy leotard but not risque. Full bottom.
Thong back skimpy leotard.
A bikini with some modesty
A very skimpy bikini with thong bottoms
Bikini bottoms and topless
Nothing she should be naked.
Should the assistant be tied or restrained helplessly to the target board?
No, she should hold still of her own will
No she should be free to move sexily
Yes, it adds to the suspense
Yes. She shouldn't be able to back out
Females only. Would you assist in a knife throwing act?
Yes tie me to the target
Yes but please don't restrain me
Females only. If you answered yes above what costume would you be willing to wear?
My streat clothes
A short skirt and tight top
Short shorts and tight top
A somewhat modest leotard
A skimpy thong back leotard
A somewhat modest bikini
A skimpy string bikini with thong bottoms
Females only. Would you assist topless?
Yes, not tied to the target
Yes. And you can tie me to the target
Females only. Would you assist in the nude
Yes. But not tied
Is there anything you would like to add about why you like or don't like knife throwing acts
This poll was created on 2014-01-18 03:21:41 by assistantann