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Littlest pet shop 2012

Who is your favorite main pet?
Russell Ferguson
Zoe Trent
Pepper Clark
Minka Mark
Sunil Nevla
Vinnie Terrio
Penny Ling
Who is your favorite human?
Blythe Baxter
Roger Baxter
Mrs Twombly
Brittany and Whitanny Biskit
Youngmee Song
Sue Patterson
Jasper Jones
Aunt Christie
Fisher Biskit
Josh Sharp
Who is your favorite no main pet?
Buttercream Sundae
Sugar Sprinkles
Madam Pom
Esteban Banderas
Gail Trent
Favorite song from season 1
The littlest pet shop pets
Dance Like you know you can
I'm Sorry Song
Fun Being Fun
Be yourself
If you're a guy
Gotta Get To The Studio
Superstar Life
The Sweet Shop Song
Miss Anna T, If you please
My New Tail
Lost And Found Box
Stay Here Forever
It Won't Be Long
Favorite song from Season 2
F.U.N Song
We're having a Party, Party
Two Times As Cute
I-Ghuana Rumba
Pet Friendly Skies
Come On To Littlest Pet Shop
Chez Paris
Dance Fu Fighting
Biskit Twins Rhapsody
Two For One
Song of Brazil
Just Unplug
Cyril McFlip
All Around The World
This poll was created on 2014-03-30 04:54:54 by Pauri