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Spanking opinions

This poll is for spankers and people who get spanked.
male or female
You get spanked or you do the spanking
I get spanked
I give the spankings
Do you participate in any of the following spanking types
maintenance spankings
punishment (on the spot)
bday spankings
erotic spankings
punishment (on a agreed day)
bedtime spankings
playfull spankings
wake up spankings
What are some things you have been punished for or have punished someone for doing
What type of underwear does the person being spanked wear
Do you have specific punishment clothing, if so describe it
Spank on the bare or get spanked on the bare
yes but wearing a thong or gstring
yes naked
What is the worst spanking you have ever received or have ever given to someone
The best spanking you have ever received or given to someone
Ever asked to give or get a spanking for no reason
Do you have a spanking fantasy, if so what is it
What does your tush or the person's tush you are spanking look like after a hard spanking
Any other things included in your spankings that don't involve spanking (ex, corner time)
What size bottom is getting spanked
How would you be spanked or give a spanking for some of the following scenarios Breaking an object
For showing off too much skin or twerking (if your a girl)
For lying
On some of my other polls, people have said that all girls should be spanked and if they have a nice tush they should be spanked more and harder. Do you agree with this
no, that's absurded
If you said yes, why?
Whats your favorite implement
Do you enjoy being spanked or spanking someone
Who do you get spanked by or spank (ex, parent, partner, etc)
For those who have done my other polls, how would you spank me
How often do you spank or get spanked
Any other thoughts before the poll ends
This poll was created on 2014-06-23 18:45:44 by Badgirlgetspanked