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Should cats be allowed outside?

This is a somewhat controversial topic. Some vets say cats shouldn't be allowed outside, while others say it's okay under certain circumstances. I'm just looking to find out what other people think.
Should cats be allowed outside?
Yes, I see nothing wrong with allowing cats outside. Outdoor cats are more active and healthier. Keeping them inside amounts to them living in a gilded cage. Cats need their freedom to truly thrive!
No, we shouldn't allow our cats to go outside. Aside from the dangers associated with it, studies have shown that indoor cats tend to live much longer lives than outdoor cats and they are less likely to catch diseases.
Yes, I think it's okay to let cats outside but only if you live in a rural area. In a rural area, cats can fulfill their natural hunting instincts and there is much less risk of them getting run over by cars.
No, cats shouldn't be allowed outside period. Cats worldwide account for the deaths of billions of songbirds and other small creatures, and they are responsible for decimating rare species in some areas.
Yes, cats should be allowed outside but only under certain circumstances. For example, it would be better if they were only let out for a short amount of time each day and supervised closely by their owner.
No, it's irresponsible to let cats outside because there are too many risks to their safety. Some of these risks include cars, cat-hating neighbors, poisonous substances, predators, etc.
This poll was created on 2014-06-30 19:33:18 by Rosharia