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Girls only ballbusting essay

If you have ever been hit on the vag (whether by a person or object) tell the story and explain what it felt like
Should boys envy girls?
When is it ok to hit a boy in the balls?
If you were kicked full force on the vag would you be hurt at all? If a boy did it how would you respond?
Could an eight year old girl beat a 21 year old man in a fight if they could only aim for the groin?
If you could ballbust a guy for two hours with no consequence what would you do?
Could a boy ever win roshambo (each person kicks the other in the groin until one falls down) against you?
If a boy punched you in the boob and you punched him in the balls who would be in worse pain? Why?
Any stories to share?
This poll was created on 2014-07-13 23:26:26 by kotf