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Weddings and Marriage

This is a poll for anyone who is or hopes to be married. If you have soured on the whole idea of marriage or have no intention of ever getting hitched, this probably isn't for you. Go ahead and sound off on the comments anyway, if you want.
First, what is your gender?
Flexible on this point
And age range?
Under 18
Are you currently married?
Yes, in a heterosexual marriage
Yes, in a same-sex marriage
No, but I want to be in a heterosexual marriage
No, but I want to be in a homosexual marriage
No, and I never want to be married
If you are married, did you or your spouse change your last name?
Yes, I did
Yes, my spouse did
We both changed our last name
I started using a hyphenated last name
My spouse started using a hyphenated last name
We both started using a hyphenated last name
Never married
If you changed your name due to a marriage and later got divorced, did you change your name back?
Never changed my name
Which statements do you agree with regarding name changes?
This is a silly tradition and causes too much confusion. No one should ever change their name.
Women should be required to change their last name
Men should be required to change their last name
Women should adopt a hyphenated last name
Men should adopt a hyphenated last name
Blended last names (i.e. both partners change their last names) are just too confusing and should never be allowed
Blended last names are pretty cool and should be encouraged
This is an intensely personal matter. No rules or laws should apply other than the couples' own conscience.
Any other thoughts?
If you are currently married, how long?
If you are/were a bride or plan to marry a woman, what items would she be wearing for the wedding?
Wedding gown
Long sleeves on the gown
High neck on the gown
Veil covering the face
Veil not covering the face
A partial veil only covering eyes maybe nose
High heels
Bridal gloves
Bridal slippers
Something blue
Non-traditional colors
A costume. Like what?
A traditional/ethnic outfit.
Nice clothing, but nothing special
Just street clothing
Men's clothing
Something else?
If you are/were a groom or plan to marry a man, what items would he be wearing for the wedding?
Regular suit
Bow tie
Regular tie
Bolo tie
Top hat
Some other kind of hat
Dress shoes
A traditional/ethnic outfit
A costume. Like what?
Business casual, but nothing fancy
Street clothes
Women's clothing
Something else?
What kind of wedding would be ideal for you?
A formal religious ceremony
A big, traditional ceremony
A small, but still traditional service
Something big, but informal
Something small and informal
A city hall or courthouse wedding
A destination wedding. Where?
A theme wedding. What theme?
A holiday wedding. Which holiday?
Optional: Describe your ideal wedding (feel free to post in the comments, too)
Did or do you make it a point to watch wedding shows on TV or go to bridal expos?
Yes, absolutely
Only prior to my wedding to get ideas
I will never admit it publicly, but ummm... yeah
The thing is, I work in the wedding industry, so I don't have much choice
Do you believe in divorce?
Yes. You should never be with someone who makes you unhappy
Yes, but only in very specific situations like adultery, abuse or illegal activities
Generally no, but I can accept it if my spouse would do something highly illegal
No. Couples get married for a reason and should work through any issue
Do you agree with same-sex marriage
No, but I have no interest in trying to stop it either
Do you consider yourself to be very religious?
Very religious
Somewhat religious
Spiritual, but not religious
I don't think much about religion one way or the other
Decidedly not religious
What religion are you?
Fundamental/evangelical/charasmatic Protestant
Mainline Protestant
Liberal Protestant
Eastern Orthodox
Other Christian
Orthodox Jewish
Conservative Jewish
Reform Jewish
Sunni Muslim
Shia Muslim
Other Muslim
Native religion
Some other religion
Prefer not to say
If you are or plan to be married, what things have your or would you change for your spouse?
Give up bad habits (smoking, drinking, gambling, etc...)
Have children
Dress better or worse. What did or would you change?
Gain or lose weight
Change diet
Change job
Move to a new city, state or country
Give up your old friends
Wear specific jewelry other than a wedding band
Get a tattoo
Change political party
Pick a new favorite sports team
Listen to music that you normally would not enjoy
Surrender control of finances partially or completely
Anything else significant that you have or would change?
Would you ever participate in an arranged marriage?
Yes, I am looking forward to it
Yes, but I am dreading it
Yes, and it worked out great for us
Yes, and it was a disaster
For married and engaged people only: What do you fight about the most?
Division of household chores
How to raise kids
The bad habits of one or both spouses
Amount of time that one or both spends at work
Another man or woman
Something else
Optional: Finally, this is your chance to share any other thoughts on weddings and marriage. Remember that only the person who created this poll can see these answers, so I hope that you will post thoughts in the comments, too.
This poll was created on 2014-09-16 03:35:58 by idiotocracy