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Wrestling with Female Celebrities Part One

I've seen some other polls about fantasies about wrestling with female celebrities and thought I'd make a new one up. For this one, I'm limiting the poll to female celebs with first names starting with "A" or "B" (e.g., Ashley Greene or Blake Lively). Later parts will go through the rest of the alphabet.
Which female celebrity do you want to wrestle? I've made a list of twenty, feel free to use the other option for alternatives--enter name, year of birth, height, estimated weight, and something they're known for. Remember, only celebs with first names starting with A or B in this poll. Also, please stick to celebs 18 or over at the time you vote.
Alessandra Ambrosio (b. 1981, 5-10, 115lbs, Victoria's Secret Angel)
Alexandra Daddario (b. 1986, 5-8, 125lbs, Annabeth in Percy Jackson & the Olympians)
Alexis Bledel (b. 1981, 5-5, 117lbs, Rory Gilmore in Gilmore Girls)
Ali Larter (b. 1976, 5-7, 125lbs, Niki Sanders in Heroes)
Alice Eve (b. 1982, 5-5, 120lbs, Carol Marcus in Star Trek: Into Darkness)
Amanda Seyfried (b. 1985, 5-3, 108lbs, Cosette in Les Miserables)
Ana Beatriz Barros (b. 1982, 6-0, 126lbs, model, SI and Guess)
Anna Kendrick (b. 1985, 5-2, 114lbs, Natalie Keener in Up in the Air)
AnnaLynne McCord (b. 1987, 5-7, 112lbs, Naomi Clark in 90210)
AnnaSophia Robb (b. 1990, 5-0, 108lbs, Carrie Bradshaw in The Carrie Diaries)
Anne Hathaway (b. 1982, 5-8, 123lbs, Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises)
Ashley Benson (b. 1989, 5-5, 119lbs, Hanna Marin in Pretty Little Liars)
Ashley Greene (b. 1987, 5-5, 112lbs, Alice Cullen in Twilight)
Ashley Tisdale (b. 1985, 5-3, 114lbs, Sharpay Evans in High School Musical)
Bar Refaeli, (b. 1985, 5-9, 128lbs, model, SI swimsuit editions, etc.)
Blake Lively (b. 1987, 5-10, 130lbs, Serena van der Woodson in Gossip Girl)
Brie Larson (b. 1989, 5-7, 128lbs, Molly Tracey in 21 Jump Street)
Britney Spears (b. 1981, 5-4, 125lbs, singer)
Britt Robertson (b. 1990, 5-2, 112lbs, Aubrey Miller in The First Time)
Brooklyn Decker (b. 1987, 5-9, 117lbs, SI swimsuit edition model)
What age is the celeb at the time of the wrestling match?
Her current age
Late Teens (18-19)
Early Twenties (20-24)
Late Twenties (25-29)
Early Thirties (30-34)
Late Thirties (35-39)
40 or older
What's the celebrity wearing when she wrestles a man?
Shorts and top
Jeans and top
Short skirt (ends above the knees) and top
Long skirt (calf or ankle length) and top
A short sundress (above the knees)
A long sundress (calf or ankle length)
One piece outfit like a romper
One-piece swimsuit
Wrestling singlet
If she's wearing shorts, what kind?
Jean shorts
Short running or workout shorts
Biking shorts
Dressy shorts of some kind
If the outfit you picked is "________ and top," what kind of top is she wearing?
Tank top
Spaghetti strap top
Halter top
Sports bra
Workout top other than sports bra
Bikini top
One piece swimsuit
T-shirt or other casual short-sleeved shirt
Casual long-sleeved shirt
A dressy blouse of some kind
What kind of footwear is the celebrity wearing when she wrestles?
Running or athletic shoes
Casual flat shoes
Socks but no shoes
None, she wrestles barefoot
Now, how about the celeb's male opponent. First, are your answers describing yourself or someone else?
Someone else
How old is the male opponent?
Late teens (18-19)
Early twenties (20-24)
Late twenties (25-29)
Early thirties (30-34)
Late thirties (35-39)
40 or older
How tall is the man?
5-6 or shorter
6-3 or taller
How much does the man weigh?
Less than 140 lbs
140-149 lbs
150-159 lbs
160-169 lbs
170-179 lbs
180-189 lbs
190-199 lbs
200-220 lbs
over 220 lbs
On a scale of 1-10, with 10 as the best, how good a wrestler is the man? (for instance, a world-class wrestler who would be an Olympic team contender would be a 10, a state champion in high school would be an 8, a varsity letterman in high school would be a 6, someone who wrestled JV for a year or two would be a 4, someone with zero wrestling experience would be a 1).
What kind of physical shape is the man in?
Excellent shape, like an in-training competitive athlete
Very good shape, works out seriously several times a week
Good shape, works out regularly
Fair shape, works out irregularly
Poor shape, doesn't work out at all
What does the man wear when he and the celebrity wrestle?
Shorts and top
Jeans and top
Shorts and shirtless
Jeans and shirtless
Swimming trunks
Wrestling singlet
What kind of top does the man wear if he's in a "________ and top" outfit?
Tank top
Long-sleeved shirt
What kind of footwear does the man wear when he wrestles the celeb?
Athletic or running shoes
Casual shoes
Wrestling boots
Socks only, no shoes
Where does the wrestling match take place?
At the gym
Park or other public lawn area
Indoors at a private home
Out in the yard at a private home
How and why do the celebrity and the man end up wrestling?
Who is the first of the two, the man or the celebrity, to challenge the other to wrestle?
The celebrity
The man
Neither one, it happens spontaneously
Is their any sort of strength contest prior to the wrestling match (arm wrestling, leg wrestling, etc.)? If so, what do they do, and who wins? Is either the man or the celebrity clearly the stronger of the two?
On a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the highest, how competitive is the wrestling match (1 would be just playing and goofing around, 5 would be as intense as a formal wrestling competition for high stakes like the NCAA championships or the Olympic trials)?
Do the man and the celebrity wrestle multiple falls or just one?
Single fall
Multiple falls
What starting position (or positions) do they use (you can pick more than one if applicable)?
Standing start
Man on his knees, celebrity standing
Both on their knees
Referee's position (aka par terre), celebrity in the up position
Referee's position, celebrity in the down position
Man on his back, celebrity straddling him
Celebrity on her back, man straddling her
They just start spontaneously and don't bother with a formal start position
Do they wrestle to pins, submissions, or something else?
What is the outcome of the wrestling match?
The man wins a very decisive victory, the celebrity is no match for him
The man wins a pretty clear cut victory, but the celebrity puts up a hard struggle even though she's outclassed.
The man wins, but it's a very competitive match and the celebrity gives him a very hard time.
The two of them fight to a draw.
The celebrity wins a narrow victory in a very competitive match.
The celebrity wins pretty decisively but the man gives her some decent competition before losing.
The celebrity dominates the man who is seriously overmatched.
If it is a multiple fall match, which of the following happens?
The man wins every single fall
The man wins the majority of the falls but the celebrity wins at least one.
They each win an equal number of falls
The celebrity wins the majority of the falls but the man wins at least one.
The celebrity wins each fall.
Describe what happens during the wrestling match, in as much detail as you like.
After the match is over, how does the winner treat the loser. Does he/she humiliate his/her opponent, or is he/she sportsmanlike? Do they demand any sort of favor or concession from the loser?
How does the celebrity feel about her wrestling experience? If there was an audience for the match, how do the spectators treat the celebrity after watching her wrestle? What is their reaction to seeing her wrestle a man?
Is there anything else worth mentioning about the wrestling match?
This poll was created on 2014-10-09 02:28:41 by jestakpelbar