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Mixed Boxing; Where Do You Stand (Guys Version)?

There aren't many good boxing polls around here, so just answer as best as you can! This is the guys only version, the alternate version will come soon. Side Questions are not required, but for fun.
Have you ever boxed (type doesn't matter, professional, casually with friends, in a ring or backyard...)?
If you chose no, why haven't you? For the sake of this poll, just make up stuff from here on out.
Afraid of getting hurt, potentially injuring myself in major ways.
Haven't found a girl who wants to box me, whether it be because they don't like boxing or just don't want to.
Never got into boxing in general, don't care.
I'm afraid that... My manliness will show, embarrassing me in the fight.
The Great Chivalry Debate: I don't hit girls, and if I ever fought one we'd both end up losing.
Other (Explain)
If you chose yes, what type of fight was it?
For Fun: We were hanging out, got bored, and decided to box. Plain and simple. If it wasn't so plain and simple, or just plain hilarious, elaborate.
For Glory: We were having the age old, 'who's stronger' debate, and just had to settle it through boxing because arm wrestling is for wimps. Explain if you'd like.
Professional Fight: Boxing gym, sparring match. OR In a group of friends, having a tournament or something similar and you got pitted against her. You can tell me about it if you want.
Grudge Match: Your everyday 'I-will-kill-you-and-embarrass-you-in-every-way-possible type fight, no messing around. How did it start?
Random: Whimsical, random. You were there, she was there. You saw boxing gloves, then boom. What caused it?
Other: Specify
*Side Question* If you had the 'Battle of the Sexes' type scenario, who started it, and why? By Battle of the Sexes, I obviously mean 'Girls can't fight', and, 'Boys aren't strong' type taunts.
I did, and I'll tell you why!
She did, and here's why (if you know).
How did you decide on boxing specifically? Select as many as apply.
We're not close enough friends, or close enough in general, to be wrestling.
We/I/she don't(doesn't) like wrestling.
We/I/she enjoy(s) boxing, we've/I've/she's done it before.
We/I/She think(s) karate/MMA isn't really a true form of fighting in cases like these.
Arm wrestling is lame.
There were boxing gloves lying around, and boxing it was.
We both (or one of us) wanted to try it, because boxing is obviously the best way to get to know each other.
Other (Specify)
Whoops, forgot to ask! How old were both of you, and was there an audience? How many?
What rules did you go by? Select as many as apply.
You win by KO, where the loser is knocked out and unresponsive.
You win by informal KO, where the loser is knocked down, and you count to ten.
You win by unanimous decision, after a set time.
You win by ultimately embarrassing the opponent so bad that they give up.
Where were YOU allowed to hit? Select as many as apply.
Chest area
'Below the Belt'
Other (If that's a thing?) (Specify)
Where could she hit YOU? Select as many as apply.
Body (entire chest/stomach area)
'Below the Belt'
Other (If that's a thing... Again.) (Specify)
How long did it last, and what happened/what were the highlights?
Who ultimately won, and how?
I won, by KO (formal/informal)
I won, by decision
I won, by humiliating my opponent
She won, by KO (formal/informal)
She won, by decision
She won, by humiliating me
We got bored/ended early, no winner
What did the winner receive or win?
Did you/she use any taunts (verbal or physical) that stuck in your mind? If so, which were your favorites, or the ones that stuck to you/her?
Would you do it again?
We've already set a date!
*Side Question* Would you mind leaving a mixed boxing story in the messages, or here? You can leave it anywhere you'd like, but if you leave it in the messages, omit this question.
Final Question! What do you think of poll personally, and what would you like to see added/changed for future ones of similar topic?
This poll was created on 2014-10-16 02:13:16 by TheMighty