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Site Functions

Depending on the theme and functions of a website, it has to have certain features for optimal use. What do you think a good website should have?
What customizable features should your profile picture on your page have?
A profile picture that I choose
An automatic profile picture
Shows my picture on each page, when logged in
Shows my username on each page when logged in
A profile picture is not needed
What Personal info would you like to be able to edit? ** You may choose any number of these :) **'
My Gender
My age
My hobbies
Other websites I belong to
My current "status"
My education
My favorite movies/TV shows
My favorite books
My favorite foods
A section to add a personal biography
Personal information is not needed
Assuming you have a personal gallery, What kind of features should be applicable? You may choose any number of these.
Ability to add comments
Ability to add "tags" of people and or words
Ability to flag inappropriate images
A "vote up" , "plus" or "like" feature
A "vote down" "minus" or "dislike" feature
Edit who can see certain pictures
Have multiple photo albums
No additional features are needed
Additional / "other" You may specify:
Friends!! Is being able to interact with and add friends important?
Which Features related to "friends" are important? **You may choose any number of these
Being able to see the friends of others.
Being able to "private Message" others.
Being able to block people (and edit a block list)
Having multiple categories of "friend groups". Example: Family, Work, School, etc...
Friends are not that important
Yay! Your done! So what did you think?
This poll was interesting
This poll was.... Eh, ok
This was boring. :(
Any additional thoughts or comments?
Yes, :
Nope :)
This poll was created on 2014-12-19 02:44:47 by Aeveirra509