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Meghan Trainor and Miranda Lambert vs Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift Catfight

As Meghan Trainor and Miranda Lambert performed All About That Bass at the Country Music Awards the two singers couldn't help but notice Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift laughing very loudly. The two skinny women constantly whispered jokes to each other and point and laughed at the two singers on stage. Meghan and Miranda decided to retaliate. As the two singers belted out the "skinny bitches" line in the song they both pointed straight at Taylor and Ariana causing both women to blush and snarl at the bigger women. Once the award ceremony was over with Miranda and Meghan tracked down Taylor and Ariana, confronting them. Taylor and Ariana belittle their rivals and openly mock them. The four women begin fighting each other in Taylor Swift's spacious dressing room.
Ariana Grande is stressed in a skimpy white dress that stops at her upper thighs and a pair of white stilettos. Taylor is wearing a skimpy red dress that rests at her upper thigh and she has on a pair of red heels. Meghan Trainor is wearing a light pink dress, black knee high socks and black heels. Miranda has on a short turquoise dress and black heels. What happens at the beginning of the fight.
Meghan smacks Ariana multiple times in the face. Grande falls backwards and tries to protect her stinging cheeks. Meghan leaps on top of her and continues to slap her face. Taylor slaps Miranda in the face, laughing at her as she slaps her. Miranda retaliates by punching Taylor in the nose. Swift yelps and takes a step back before Miranda follows up with an uppercut to Taylor's jaw.
Meghan kicks Taylor in the stomach and knees her in the face. Taylor falls on her back, clutching her face as Ariana stomps all over her body. Miranda leaps at Ariana, taking her to the ground. Miranda grabs a handful of Grande's hair and smashes her head into the floor. Ariana yells out as the back of her head collides with the floor.
Taylor slugs Miranda in the stomach before driving her bony elbow into the back of Lamber's head. As Miranda falls face first on the floor, Taylor stomps on her lower back. Ariana repeatedly drives the pointy tip of her stiletto into Meghan's shin. As Meghan holds her shin in pain, Grande punches her in the face.
Taylor grabs Meghan by her hair and yanks her around the room. As Meghan squeals in pain, Swift smashes her head against the wall. Ariana isn't as effective as her partner. Grande tries to punch Miranda but the blonde easily catches her hand and knocks her to the ground with a clothesline. Ariana coughs as she massages her sore throat.
Are there any bets that are placed during the opening stages of the battle? If so, what is the bet?
As the fight wages on Taylor and Ariana have the advantage. Not due to their strength or size, but due to their dirty fighting techniques. Ariana repeatedly slams her bony knee between Meghan's thighs as Taylor does the same to Miranda. Once they have their opponents on the floor Ariana pulls up Meghan's skirt as Taylor pulls back Miranda's, revealing their opponents matching black thongs that barely cover their derriers. Both women laugh and make fun of their opponents fat backsides. Taylor and Ariana give their opponents a smack on the butt for good measure. What happens next?
Miranda and Meghan both get on their knees, facing their conceited opponents. They take a page out of their opponent's dirty play book. Meghan clenched her fist and delivers a viscous uppercut in between Ariana's legs as Miranda does the same to Taylor. Meghan and Miranda laugh and readjust their dresses as Taylor and Ariana groan and simultaneously fall on the ground, clutching their throbbing womanhood.
Miranda and Meghan leap to their feet and tackle their opponents the floor. Meghan slams Ariana's head against the floor only to have Ariana roll and slam Meghan's head against the floor. Taylor and Miranda trade brutal slaps to each other's face, neither woman giving up.
Ariana puts her stiletto heels to good use by stomping all over Miranda's back, causing the country singer to scream in pain. Taylor takes advantage of Meghan's groggy state and places the larger woman in a camel clutch. The pop singer groans in pain as Swift pulls back on her neck.
All four ladies make the fight personal and attack their opponents chests. Which team is able to mangle their opponents prized assets?
Miranda and Meghan completely maul Taylor and Adriana's chest. Miranda tosses Adriana on the floor, leaps in the air and lands butt first on Adriana's chest causing the small girl to yelp in pain. Miranda then latches on to Ariana's chest and squeezes and tears at the screaming girls small chest. Meghan places Taylor in a full nelson and rams her chest-first into the wall of her dressing room. The tall blonde screams in pain as her books are repeatedly crushed against her chest. Meghan doesn't let Swift recover as she mercilessly claws and tears at her chest.
Neither team is able to effectively damage their opponents boobs.
Ariana grabs Taylor's hair straightener and smashes Miranda in the face with it, causing Lambert to fall down in pain. Ariana stands on Miranda's chest. Using her stilettos to her advantage, Ariana grinds her heels into Miranda's throbbing chest. Taylor kicks Meghan in the gut, knocking the air out of her. As Meghan bends over, gasping for air, Taylor drives her knee into Meghan's chest. Meghan groans as Swift's sharp knees smash her boobs flat.
Both teams have decided to that it's time to end their rivals. Wanting to completely dominate and humiliate their opponents, the winning team lashes out. Who wins the fight and gets the chance to humiliate their opponents?
Meghan punches Ariana in her stomach and kicks her in the face. Ariana collapses on the floor, completely stunned. Meghan grabs the bottom of Grande's dress and yanks it completely off. Ariana screeches and tries to cover her slim body which is only covered by a dainty pink bra and matching thong. Miranda takes care of Taylor by repeatedly kicking her in the groin. Taylor's eyes bulge out as she groans and slumps to the carpet. Miranda proceeds to rip Swift's dress to shreds leaving her crying opponent in a dainty light blue bra and matching panties. Meghan and Miranda sit on their respective opponent's faces until the two skinny girls stop moving. Meghan and Miranda get up from their slumbering adversaries and give each other a high five.
Meghan sends a fury of punches that collide with Taylor's face, chest and crotch. The tall blonde wobbles unsteadily as Meghan reels back and hits her with an uppercut. Swift is instantly knocked out. Meghan proceeds to rip off Taylor's dress, leaving her pale body on display, only covered by a dainty light blue bra and matching panties. Miranda is in complete control of Ariana. The Country singer has her opponent locked in a viscous sharpshooter. Ariana cries out as her legs and lower back are crushed. She can't take anymore and screams in submission. Miranda releases the hold and gleefully strips off the smaller girl's dress, leaving her in a dainty pink bra and matching thong. Both Meghan and Miranda smile at their humiliated, half naked rivals.
Ariana dominates Meghan with her stilettos. The shorter girl kicks and stomps her blonde opponent until she is a sobbing mess. Meghan is lying face down on the mat as Ariana rips off the blonde's dress, leaving her in a black bra and thong. "You're butt is SOO fat! Let's see if I can kick some of that fat off for you!" Ariana laughs as she stomps all over Meghan's backside, causing her to scream in submission. Taylor has her long legs wrapped around Miranda's body. Lambert screams as her torso is crushed in Taylor's body scissor hold. She quickly screams her submission. Taylor smirks as she strips off Miranda's dress, leaving her in a black bra and thong. Taylor and Ariana arrogantly gloat and make fun of their opponent's "hideous and fat" bodies.
Taylor dominates Meghan as she uses her long, trademark legs to apply a brutal head scissors to the young singer. Meghan's face turns red as she struggles to breath. The pressure is too much for the pop singer and she passes out with her head in between Taylor's thighs. Swift humiliates her rival further by stripping her until she is in her black bra and thong. Taylor joins Ariana who is sending various low blows to her larger opponent. Swift and Grande take turns kicking, punching and clawing Miranda until she is unconscious. Taylor and Ariana arrogantly gloat and make fun of their opponent's 'hideous and fat' bodies.
If there were any bets taken before the match, what happens to the winning/losing team?
How does the winning team humiliate the losing team?
The winners sit on the loser's faces. Grinding their butts against the loser's humiliated, protesting faces.
The winners place the losers over their knees, gives them a painful wedgie and spanks them. The losers scream as their tails are beaten red.
The losers are forced to apologize to the winners.
The winners place their feet on the loser's butts and strike a victory pose.
The winners knock the losers unconscious and stack their bodies in the 69 position
The winners take pictures of the loser's half naked bodies and post them up on social media.
The losers of the match threaten to humiliate the winners and vow to take revenge. The winners agree to take on the losers in a rematch. But in order to make the match more interesting, the winners place a special stipulation. What type of match will the rematch be? *You can select more than one choice. If there are 2 or 3 choices with a lot of votes, I will combine them. For example, if the strip, paddle and hair match have a lot of votes, the match will require the winning team to strip their opponents naked to win. Then the losers are spanked with paddles and have their hair cut off. I will post the rematch once there are a sufficient amount of votes
Strip match. The first team to strip their opponents naked wins
Paddle match. The winning team gets to beat the losing team with paddles
Kiss My A** match. The losing team must kiss the winner's backsides
Hair vs Hair match. The winning team gets to cut the loser's hair
Golden Shower match. The winning team gives the losing team a golden shower
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