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More girl and boys wrestling stuff

I hate those "Can you beat me" or "Who would win" polls so here's another one about you guys and what you like to do.
Are you a girl or a boy
how old are you
less than 15
over 25
when i wrestle
its just for fun, goofing around
i try hard but we have rules
to show someone who is boss
fight like crazy with no rules
i do cuz its so sexy and i really get off on it
i prefer to wrestle people that are the same sex as me
it doesnt matter
when i win i like to
pin the loser and do muscle poses so they have to look up at me
just get up and off them when they give up or tap out
keep the pressure on the hold im using even if they are giving up
i make sure they are KO'd before i get off them
my favorite way to win a wrestle
schoolgirl pin
facesit smother
boob smother
scissors on head or neck
scissors on body
joint lock like elbow or knee
arm bar
when/ if you do a scissors hold do you
i dont use scissors holds
squeeze then rest then squeeze some more
give one long hard squeeze and hope they give up
if you do a facesit do you
i dont use facesits
prefer front
prefer reverse
switch back and forth
do you talk to the person you are wrestling when you got them in a good hold?
if you wrestled someone when your parents were home did you ever get caught?
i never wrestled when parents were home
my parents know and saw me (explain if you want to)
if you got caught what happened
i never got caught
we stopped right away and got in trouble
we kept on wrestling
if you are wrestling and your top gets pulled off do you
keep wrestling, I dont care
stop to fix it
we start with our shirts off
when i win i feel
just meh
i dont win
when i lose i feel
i like losing
i never lose
i say they cheated
the people i wrestle
are family
are friends
i wrestle for a school team
are from where i work
are random people i meet at bars/ newspaper/ internet
we have a secret league
my favorite outfit to wrestle in is
shorts n t-shirt
sports bra and shorts
jeans or sweats and t-shirts
yoga pants and sports bra
swim suits
no shirt and shorts
other (explain)
have you ever tied someone up when you wrestled?
no its against school rules
no i never tried it
i never did but i want to
i tried but it didnt work
yes i have
if you did tie someone up what did you use?
i never did it
extension cord
one of dads ties
a belt
your bra
their bra
other (explain)
the most embarrassing thing that happened to you during a wrestle?
got a black eye
got pinned and trash talked
got KO'd with a scissor
got KO'd with a smother
got stripped
made a mess in my pants
got tied up
other (explain)
Some of the coolest parts of these polls are the comments ppl leave in the message area. Will you be leaving a story or comment on there? (please?)
I'm kimmy13wrestles on yahoo messenger and kimmy13wrestles@yahoo.ca email so if you aren't a creeper drop me a msg. Do you like these kinda polls?
yes we need more like this
no I like the other ones about celebs fighting better
If there is anything else you wanna add about wrestling or whatever heres your chance. lol
This poll was created on 2015-02-20 16:03:05 by kimmy13wrestles