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Guy's Sports Jock Cup Poll

These are additional questions from our other two polls regarding mens' preferences for what support / protection they wear for sports and other various reasons. Feel free to participate in our two other sports gear related polls and have your friends do so as well. Your answers will help us in our design and marketing of new athletic support gear for men. Thank You for your answers.
Your Age?
Under 15
If you play baseball / softball what is your preference to wear as your base layer under baseball pants?
Jockstrap & Cup then baseball pants
Jockstrap & Cup with compression /slider shorts over then baseball pants
Compression shorts with cup then baseball pants
I don't play baseball / softball
For added comfort and to reduce chafing during sports some Athletes wear a standard Jockstrap first then place their cup and Jock over this for their sport. The extra Jockstrap underneath keeps their junk secure and eliminates the possibility of their junk from sliding out from under their cup. Which way do you gear up?
I wear a Cup Jock only
I wear a Jockstrap first then wear a Cup Jockstrap over it
On standard Jockstraps and Cup Jocks the legstraps tend to only be approx. 7/8" wide. I would prefer a new style jock or cup jock to have:
1" wide leg straps
1 1/2 " wide leg straps
2" wide leg straps
I'm comfortable with the current width of leg straps on Jocks
When laundering your Jocks do you:
Wash then throw them in the dryer
Wash then let them drip dry
Whats your preference when gearing up with a Jock & Cup:
I put the Cup in first then slide the Cup and Jock on
I pull my Cup Jock on then slide the Cup in.
This may specifically apply to Baseball Catchers: Have you ever had occasion to double cup for your sport /activity by sandwiching two identical cups together and inserting both into your cup pocket. Doing this actually provides you with one thicker cup for added protection.
Yes, I've double cupped
No, I've never double cupped
I've read about Major League Baseball Catchers & Hockey Players who double cup but never tried it myself
Might be worth trying If It's comfortable & protective
For guys who play baseball / softball which is your preference for base layering under baseball pants or shorts when at the batting cage:
Jockstrap with Hard cup
Jockstrap with Flex Cup
Jockstrap & Steel Groin Cup
Standard 3" waistband Jockstrap
Compression Shorts with Cup
Compression Shorts / No Cup
I don't play baseball /softball
If you have played the position of Baseball Catcher which type of Cup do you find to be the most comfortable being in your catchers stance during your games?
Flex Cup
Hard Cup
Steel Groin Cup
I've never played Catcher in Baseball
I don't play Baseball
For Baseball Catchers: Do you find that a Jock Cup or Compression Shorts holds your Cup in place better while playing that position?
Jockstrap with snug leg straps with Cup Pocket holds my Cup in place more comfortably
Compression Shorts with Cup Pocket holds my Cup in place more comfortably
I've never played Catcher
Thinking about the last time you Jocked up for a sport / non sport and wore a Cup, when wearing that Cup what did you like about it that made it comfortable? Choose all that apply
Width of Cup was comfortable
Adequate ventilation holes kept me cooler
Snug leg straps held my Cup in place
I like the way the Cup feels overall
Edging of Cup is comfortable
Depth of Cup was adequate
For contact sports if you only had three Cup options which would you choose?
Hard Cup for contact sports
Flex Cup for contact sports
Steel Cup for contact sports
When wearing a standard 3" Jockstrap or a narrow band track/ swim Jock for gym, running or everyday wear, what is most important to you? Choose all that apply
The way the pouch holds me up
The width of the waist band
The way the leg straps feel supporting me
The way the pouch material feels
The width of the leg straps
The snugness of the Jock
The Thickness of the pouch material
What do you call an 'Athletic Supporter' ? Choose all that apply
Gym Jock
Gym Supporter
J Strap
Nut Hugger
Banana Hammock
Sports Jock
In the mid 1980's BIKE Athletic Company marketed the #80 Solid Gray Athletic Hard Cup called "The Bike Cup". The Cups were very popular among Major League Baseball players and still are for a lot of Athletes. Have you ever worn one ? Choose all that apply
Yes, I've worn a #80 BIKE Hard Cup
No, I've never worn a#80 BIKE Hard Cup
If I could still purchase a #80 BIKE Hard Cup I'd wear it.
I've worn a #80 BIKE Hard Cup and still prefer it today
I wore and liked the #80 BIKE Hard Cup but prefer a Flex Cup
For general gym workouts do you like your jockstrap to fit:
I like a snug fitting Jockstrap
I like my Jockstrap to keep my pouch lifted up without having to readjust
I like my Jockstrap a little loose
I don't wear a Jockstrap for gym
What sports / activities do you / have you worn a Jock & Cup for? Choose all that apply
Wore a Jock & Cup for Lacrosse
Wore a Jock & Cup for Hockey
Wore a Jock & Cup for Baseball / Softball
Wore a Jock & Cup for Cross Country
Wore a Jock & Cup for Soccer
Wore a Jock & Cup for Weight Lifting
Wore a Jock & Cup for Racquetball
Wore a Jock & Cup for Handball
Wore a Jock & Cup for Moto Cross
Wore a Jock & Cup for Mountain Biking
Wore a Jock & Cup for Water Polo
Wore a Jock & Cup for Boxing
Wore a Jock & Cup for Mixed Martial Arts
Wore a Jock & Cup for Rugby
Wore a Jock & Cup for Volleyball
Wore a Jock & Cup for Paintball
Wore a Jock & Cup for Tennis
Wore a Jock & Cup for Basketball
Wore a Jock & Cup for Track
Wore a Jock & Cup for Riding Sports Bikes ( Motor Cycles)
Wore a Jock & Cup for Everyday Wear
Wore a Jock & Cup for Wrestling
Wore a Jock & Cup for Football
Wore a Jock & Cup for Gym Workout
Wore a Jock & Cup for Hiking
Wore a Jock & Cup for Cricket
Would you agree that a Jockstrap or Jock & Cup is one of the most athletic, masculine pieces of gear a guy can wear?
Agree, It is Masculine Athletic Gear
In High School or College were Jockstraps and / or Jocks & Cups issued to you by your Coach / Athletic Trainer? Choose all that apply
Yes, our High school / coach issued Jocks & Cups
No, Our High School did not issue Jocks & Cups
Yes, In College we were issued Jocks & Cups
No, In College we were not issued Jocks & Cups
For jogging / running have you ever had occasion to wear a Jock & Cup for added lift/ support?
Yes, I've wore a Jock & Cup for running / jogging
No, Never wore a Jock & Cup for running / jogging
For Joggers / Runners / Gym Rats / Swimmers: if a Jock With Cup pocket were marketed that included a lightweight, formed anatomical foam cup to insert that would keep you supported better and look modest and masculine at the same time would this be something you'd add to your gym bag?
Yeah, I'd add it to my Gym bag. I think an anatomical shaped, formed foam Cup with a Jock would be a great idea for running / working out
No, I'd stick to my standard old school jockstrap
Which brand Athletic Cup do you currently use:
Which brand Jockstrap / Athletic Supporter do you currently use:
Which of the following would apply to you regarding Jock Cups? Choose all that apply
I prefer wearing a Jcok Cup for sports
Some Jock Cups are too bulky
I find some Jock Cups to be comfortable
I don't mind wearing an Athletic Cup
I actually feel better in my game when I'm Jocked & Cupped
I prefer a Jock Cup sometimes to wear under shorts during non-sports
It feels masculine when I wear a Jock and Cup
Wearing a Jock Cup in Baseball is the same as wearing cleats. It's part of the Uniform.
I sometimes wear a Jock Cup to the gym when I'll be doing dead lifts
On occasion I sometimes wear a Jock Cup when I go out
I like the feeling and how a Jock Cup holds me and prefer to wear one
I sometimes buy a new Jock Cup just to wear it cause I want to see how a new style Cup feels.
Agree, sometimes I'm just curious if a new style Cup would feel better
Disagree, I only buy a new Jock Cup when mine wears out
Do you think that Jock Cup and Jockstrap companies should air commercials for their products geared toward men thereby increasing awareness to guys that better Cups and Jocks are on the market?
Agree, There should be more mens sports gear advertised on TV
Disagree, No I don't think it would encourage men to buy more gear
When referring to an Athletic Cup what do you call it? Choose all that apply
Jock Cup
Sport Cup
Nut Cup
Hard Cup
Athletic Cup
Groin Cup
Protective Cup
Some Jock companies give their Athletic Cups names for marketing, for Example, Shock Doctor labels their cups BioFlex, Carbon Flex, Titan Flex. Which of the following names do you find appealing for a newly marketed line of Jock Cups? The Brand would also be stamped into the Log on the waistband of the Jock and Etched into the Cup.
None of the above are appealing for a new mens' Athletic Cup
Thanks for participating in our poll. We'd appreciate if you passed the word around to have others share their opinions in all three of our polls and we will have some other up coming polls with additional questions about other new sports gear for guys.
I'll spread the word and have my buddy's / friends come take the poll
I'm looking forward to hearing more about this company & new Jock & Cup gear for guys.
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