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Girls Embarrassing Moment (Girls only!!!!)

Tell about the moment you accidentally or on purpose farted really loud in school or at work.
How many times do you fart in a day?
A) Once
B) Twice
C) Three times
D) Four times
E) More than ten times a day
When do you usually fart the most?
A) In the morning
B) In the afternoon
C) At night
D) Never
When you are about to fart and you think it's going to be loud what do you do?
A) Try to hold it in
B) Try to disguise it around other sounds so that people cannot hear it
C) Just let go and say excuse me
D) Get away from others and do it somewhere privately
E) Wait until you get into your car to drive home
What are you thinking to yourself when you fart and you know it's loud to you? Describe
Where was that embarrassing moment you farted really loud and you couldn't control it?
A) At school in the classroom
B) At school in the lunchroom
C) At school in the hallway
D) At school in the girls bathroom
E) At work at your cubicle
F) At work in the breakroom
G) At work in the restroom stall
When you farted really loud, and a guy you liked heard it, how did you feel?
A) Embarrassed
B) Didn't care
C) Wish you died
D) Thought he didn't mind
E) Thought he thought it was kinda cute
F) Played it off like nothing happened
Describe in detail what you were wearing from head to toe, if you remembered, of that embarrassing moment you farted really loud in front of someone, or many.
Tell in detail what you were thinking when you farted out loud and you couldn't hold it
How would you feel if you were with a guy that was turned on by you farting in front of him?
How do you feel about farts that are loud
Do you wish all farts were silent?
A) Yes
B) No
C) Maybe
D) I think it is funny when they are loud
E) I wish we didn't fart at all
Do you like farting loud one? Explain why.
Say you were taking an exam in class. You felt a fart coming. What would you do?
A) Try to keep it silent
B) Let her rip
C) Do it and blame someone else
D) Do it, and act like nothing happened
E) Laugh and say excuse me
On a date with a guy you really like, you farted out loud. What would you say and do afterwards?
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