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Girls wrestling parties

For girls that have friends over to wrestle
Did you ever have or go to a girls wrestling party?
if yes where was it?
my house
someone elses house
in a field
at a hotel
never went to one
somewhere else (explain)
how old are you
less than 15
over 25
How many girls are at the party (average)
more than 6
are they usually sleepover parties?
never been to one
If its at a house are peoples parents ever home during the fights?
never been
if yes to above question do you wait till the parents are sleeping and sneak to check before you start wrestling?
yes, we wait til they go to bed before we start then change and start to wrestle
no we dont care if they hear us wrestling
they know we wrestle so its all good (explain)
never went
what do you wear for the fights?
long t shirt and panties
shorts and t shirt
sports bra and yoga pants
grandma pajamas
bra and panties
swim suit
topless/ panties
jeans/ t shirt
school team outfit
Is it always 1 on 1 or do you do other stuff?
always 1 on 1
we do 2 on 1
we do 3 on 1
we do 2 on 2
we do tag team fights
we do free for all with whoever is there
other (explain)
the matches end
we have a time limit and whoever has most pins/ taps win
pin for 10 or 5 or 3 secs
tap outs only
smother KO's
near KO smother taps
tie up the loser fights
strip the loser fights
other (explain)
did you ever get caught by adults when fighting?
not yet
not yet but it was a close call
yes and we got in trouble
yes but adults were ok with it (explain)
if you lose some of your outfit do you keep wrestling or call time and fix it?
we just keep going we dont care
we stop to fix it
we pull stuff off on purpose te help us win
other (explain)
did you ever wrestle on cam or snapchat?
no and wont
no but I would
yes we did
what do you like best about the wrestling parties? Please leave a message on the message thing about a fight you had.
They are awesome because
This poll was created on 2015-05-06 12:17:53 by kimmy13wrestles