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Girls and Bisexual Guys For Ladies Only

How many girls would choose a bi guy over a straight guy?
Your age group
16 to 18
19 to 24
25 to 29
Are you
Are you bisexual?
Do you like to watch gay male porn?
Would you like to have a threesome with two bisexual guys?
Would you like to have a foursome with three bisexual guys?
Which type of guy do you think is hotter?
Straight guy
Bi guy
If you were given the choice between a straight guy and a bi guy, which one would you date or hook up with?
The straight guy
The bi guy
In your opinion, which of these reasons would make a bi guy hotter than a straight guy?
They're more outgoing.
They know how to dance.
They work out and look better to attract gay men who are more open then women about their having high visual standards.
Unlike straight guys, bi guys take great pleasure in letting everyone know that they're proud of the way they look by regularly being shirtless and wearing a speedo to the beach and pool.
Bi guys are more willing to let the girl be the aggressor during the sexual encounter and to let her be the hornier one.
A bi guy much more easily figures out what a girl likes in bed even if she doesn't know.
This poll was created on 2015-05-08 00:47:05 by Kevin J