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Wrestling match, for both guys and ladies who wrestle

I love wrestling and know there are a lot of people on this site are into it but, since actual wrestling matches are out of the question, I thought it would be fun to ask how you think a hypothetical match between me and you would go. I am 5'11," 185 lb., and fairly athletic, but not built like a bodybuilder or anything. I have wrestled mostly informally, although pretty competitively against both guy and girl friends in the past; this poll is open to both. So if you're interested, ring the bell and let's rumble!
First, the basics: am I wrestling a man or a woman?
A man.
A woman.
What is your rough age?
40 and older.
Describe yourself physically.
I usually wrestle shirtless, wearing either trunks or workout pants. What kind of attire will you wear during our match?
What kind of match are we going to have?
Pro-style, the winner pins the other wrestler for a three count.
"Last man/woman standing" match, a pro-style match in which the loser is too exhausted to get up off the mat to continue the match.
Submission style, the winner makes the other wrestler tap.
"Pro-mission", mostly submission style but with some pro moves. Win by pin or submission.
Where will our match take place?
In the backyard.
On a trampoline.
On a wrestling/gym mat.
In a pro ring.
On a mattress.
Our match is about to begin. What thoughts/feelings are going through your head as we are about to wrestle?
Describe how you think the match would go? What sort of moves would you use? Would one of us be dominating or would it be an even fight? Be creative.
And, finally, how does our match end? If the match ends by submission, specify the hold used.
I win, making you tap out in a submission hold!
I win, covering you for the pin and counting 1-2-3!
You win, forcing me to cry out my submission!
You win, pinning me to the mat for the three-count!
Other (please explain)
This poll was created on 2015-05-10 15:24:32 by 123pnd