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Can a female pretend to be my character who gets NAKED revenge on her friend?

Jason and Sarah were both college freshmen and best friends, despite their HUGE differences. Jason was a 5'6 bookworm geek who studied through weekends, and Sarah was a 6'1 physically fit center on the college basketball team. One night, Jason, who is timid but tends to brag about his intelligence, corrected Sarah in front of a guy she likes, made him laugh in her face, and embarrassed her greatly. The next day at around noon, Jason was in his house alone. Sarah has a spare key. She hears the shower running. Thinks to herself, "Perfect." with a sly smirk. Jason was in the shower, soaped up from head to toe, bit of a chubby belly, dancing & singing to a Katy Perry song in a high voice, when suddenly the curtain is flung open as Jason gasps. 1 minute later, Jason is tossed out, soapy & wet into the back garden. The door is shut and locked, and Jason is trapped. Naked!
What is your age & are you a geek or outgoing? Are you in good athletic, physical shape?
When you first peek behind the curtain, see his butt dancing and hear his high-pitched singing, do you start to laugh? What about the visual is amusing to you?
Does Jason look vulnerable to you? Why? And does his virginity enhance his vulnerability? Why?
After he pounds on the door & runs his buns across the yard to hide behind a bush, do you feel powerful? Why?
As Jason hides behind a bush, what are 3 things that you would yell to make him blush about the following: his stark white skin, his virginity, his surprisingly cute and jiggling bubble butt
As you finally let him back inside, do you give him a playful, light pat on the butt as he runs past you, or a nice, HARD slap across the tush as he runs past you? Why?
This poll was created on 2015-05-25 18:37:53 by Monica141414