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Catholic teen girls baptism outfits

This poll is only for catholic teen girls who were baptized between the ages of 13 and 17.I want to know if other catholic girls wore the all white outfit like i did and what you felt like.
How old were you as a teen when you were baptized?
13 to 15
older than 17
Did you wear all white for your baptism?
yes i did
no i didnt
we could wear what we wanted to
If you wore all white outfit,was it required or traditional?
It was required
it was the traditional outfit worn by girls
mom and dad required me to wear all white
What did your white outfit consist of?
white dress,headpiece,tights,white shoes
Poofy white dress,bonnet,lace anklets,white mary jane shoes
Baptism gown,bonnet,tights and white mary janes
other similiar outfit
If you wore one of the outfits in the question above,was it required or traditional?
it was traditional
it was required by my parish
my parents had me wear it
If you wore either the poofy white dress or gown with a bonnet,how did you feel the bonnet?
I felt weird
i kind of liked wearing it
it made me feel more pure like a baby
When the white dress or gown and bonnet is worn,infant type underwear is sometimes worn by the girls,did you wear infant type underwear under the outfit?
no i didnt
just my normal bra and panties
yes i wore infant type underwear
If you wore infant type underwear under your outfit,what did it consist of?
disposable diaper and tee shirt
cloth diaper,plastic pants and under shirt
plastic pants and under shirt or camisole
do you feel wearing white tights with a diaper under them and and white under shirt is just like what baby girls wear for baptism?
yes i do
just plastic pants should be worn under the tights
If you wore the infant underwear,was it required or traditional as part of the outfit?
it was required
it was traditional
it was mom and dads choice for me
In some parishes,the poofy,white,top of the knees dress with a matching bonnet,lace anklets,white mary jane shoes and a cloth diaper,plastic pants and under shirt under the dress is the standard baptism out fit for the preteen and teen girls.Do you fell this is an appropriate outfit?
no,not at all
its too babyish for teen girls
if you wore a diaper under your outfit,what kind was it?
cloth with plastic pants
no diaper,just the plastic pants
This poll was created on 2015-06-29 13:47:50 by pacifier