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A poll about the new game show Boom! In Boom!, teams of three are asked a series of trivia questions. They answer them by cutting the wires corresponding to right answers. If they cut the right wires before the time runs out, they win money. If they cut the wrong wire or run out of time, the bomb explodes and the person gets slimed with the food inside.
How often do you watch Boom!?
Almost every week
Never seen it
Would you want to go to a live taping of Boom!?
Yes, as a contestant
Yes, as a member of the audience
There's a section of the audience near the front called the Splash Zone. Audience members are given plastic ponchos and get splashed by the bomb if it goes off. Would you want to sit in the Splash Zone?
Yes, definitely
No, definitely not
What do you think of ponchos in the Splash Zone?
Not enough protection. I'd want goggles too.
That's the right amount of protection.
Too much protection. They shouldn't wear ponchos.
Contestants in Boom! come in teams of three. If you were on the show, who would you get to join your team?
Your siblings (Brother/sister)
Your parents
Your child/children
Your grandparents
Your grandchildren
Your aunt/uncle
Your niece/nephew
Your cousin
Another relative
Your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/fiancee/other partner
Your ex
Your friend
Your co-worker
You boss
Your employee
How do you think you'd feel being on stage?
If you were on Boom!, how would you feel about the possibility of you team getting slimed?
I'd want everyone to get slimed.
I'd want to get slimed, but not my partners.
I'd want my partners to get slimed, but not be slimed myself.
I wouldn't want anyone to get slimed.
How do you think you'd feel after getting an answer right?
How do you think you'd feel after getting an answer wrong?
Angry at yourself
If a team gets through the first six bombs, they can decide whether to try the Mega Money Bomb. It's the most difficult bomb with ten wire and three incorrect answers, but they also get the largest amount of time to answer. If they get it right, their money is quadrupled, but if they get it wrong, they lose half their money. Everyone on the team plays, which means they all get slimed if the bomb goes off. Would you go for it?
Yes, definitely
Depends on the question category
No way
Would you purposefully answer a question wrong to get slimed?
Yes, the Mega Money Bomb so the entire team would get messy
Yes, a regular question so only I would get messy
No, I play to win
Which of the following would you want in your bomb?
Maple syrup
Macaroni and cheese
Cake batter
Creamed spinach
Hot fudge
Sweet potato
You could possibly win up to $500,000 on Boom! What would you do with that money?
Buy a house/home improvement
Buy a car/car repair
Go to college/send another person to college
Take an expensive vacation
Spend it on fancy electronics, jewelry, clothes, and other luxury goods
Donate to a worthy cause
Save/invest the money
This poll was created on 2015-08-06 05:05:33 by h_dialer