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Deuteronomy 25: 11-12

Today we have an exegesis of Deuteronomy 25: 11-12. This text is quite a strange text.
Do you agree? In which respect this text is strange?
It’s the only text in the bible that speaks about cut a hand.
It’s the only text in the bible that describes this strange behaviour of a woman.
It’s strange that this scenario is described within the laws of God.
I don’t know why you call this text strange. It is all normal.
What conclusions or new questions can we have by this text?
God wants no woman to touch another man in this manner.
Why is this text in the bible?
Was this a common scenario back then?
Which respect had women those days for men’s private parts?
Was there be such behaviour though this law?
What was the real problem for God in this situation?
The woman touched another man.
The woman exposed publically his private parts.
The woman caused pain to the man in this way.
Do you think that ‘cut her hand’ is an adecuate penalty?
No, it is too severe.
Bible scientists (like Jerome T. Walsh, University of Dallas, Texas) have done researches about this text due to its very severe law and found out that the right translation of the verse 12 is "you shall shave her groin in public", instead of “cut her hand”. This exegesis is described in the article in the Journal of Semitic Studies XLIX/1 Spring 2004, Title: "You shall cut off her ... palm? A reexamination of Deuteronomy 25:11-12". What does this mean for you?
The penalty for her actions is embarrassing but not too strict.
He got embarrassed and she got embarrassed.
The problem for God was embarrassing the man by uncovering his private parts.
God chose a moderate penalty for this female behaviour.
God did not disfavour generally a woman attacking the weak spot of the men but, do it by uncovering his private parts.
What does it mean for you that God created strong males with this weak spot?
God put the weak spot at a well accessible region for fists, knees and feet of children and women.
He wanted to protect children and women from physical superior males.
He wanted kids and women to utilise this weak spot as a gift.
I can't see any special meaning.
When this week spot can be utilised?
In case of self defence against violation and life-threatening situations.
In situations that threatens the dignity of girls and women.
In situations males are near to commit a wicked sin.
Whenever females have fun to do so.
In which attitude a female should use God’s gift?
Appreciative not as a funny thing
Respectfully to the male.
With dignity and without anger.
Deliberately and reprimanding his wrong behaviour.
With grace of charity and hope being him on the mend.
So can it be a good, Christian and responsible behaviour to kick a guy in his weak spot?
Yes, I realized it now. May God sanctify me for this gift.
Well, I always already knew that. But now I feel reconfirmed.
No, I am still sceptical and have to think again about all.
Thank you for your attention! Be God will you today and until Jesus' return! Amen.
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